World Youth Day 2021: Theme, History, Youth Day Celebrated on 12 Aug

International Youth Day | World Youth Day 2021

Every year on 12 August, World Youth Day is celebrated across the world. Now this day will be celebrated on 12th August Thursday in 2021.

World Youth Day 2021
World Youth Day 2021

On this special occasion, different programs are organized to recognize the youth around the world and appreciate their work. On this day many programs are organized around the world to give recognition to the youth.

You all must know that youth is the driver of any society. Youth has that power which can change the direction of any society and policies. Keeping this in mind, International Youth Day was started.

How youth are contributing in every field around the world, this topic has to be discussed. Various programs are organized on this occasion. It discusses how youth are leaving their indelible mark in the country and the world.

World Youth Day 2021 Theme

Every year a new theme The United Nations General Assembly has chosen a theme for International Youth Day. This year’s theme is ‘Transforming Food Systems Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health’. On the other hand, if we talk about National Youth Day, then National Youth Day is celebrated in the country on 12th January 2021 on the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. Let us tell you that the decision to celebrate this day was taken by the Government of India in 1984. Ever since this day is celebrated all over the world.

World Youth Day 2021 History

World Youth Day On December 17, 1999, the United Nations General Assembly had ruled that the International Youth Day would be celebrated on 12 August. As told above that for the first time International Youth Day was celebrated in the year 2000. The United Nations declared the International Youth Year in 1985.

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Why Celebrated World Youth Day 2021

After all, why is the World Youth Day celebrated, if you do not know, then tell me. Today, every country is facing problems like unemployment, but the youth are suffering a lot in it. Today it is necessary to pay attention to all these youth. It is the duty of the government to help them on their way from their education to becoming self-reliant. Today if anyone can change any country, then it is the youth of that country. To realize this, youth day is celebrated every year.

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