World Wind Day 2021: Theme, History, Wind Day Celebrated on 15th June

World Wind Day 2021: Celebrated on 15th June

World Wind Day is celebrated every year on 15th June to make people aware about wind energy, its uses, power and its potential to change the world. so that we know its need for wind


World Wind Day is organized by WindEurope ( and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). Various events are organized in many countries on this day. Worldwide, in more than 75 countries, wind farms are in operation and energy is generated from a clean and renewable source. People used to visit wind farms, meet experts, attend events and take action to support wind power on this day.

Wind is a very good natural means of obtaining energy. On this day, all those systems are also highlighted due to which energy from wind is harnessed.

World Wind Day 2021: History

The European Wind Energy Association EWEA and the Global Wind Energy Council GWEC coordinate with various networks of partners to celebrate this day. Global Wind Day began in Europe in 2007 and globally in 2009.

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Global / World / Internatioan Wind Day 2021: Events

People traveled to onshore and offshore wind farms.

Workshops are organized.

Join the campaign and get information about wind energy.

In many cities, demonstration turbines have been installed.

World Wind Day 2021 Quotes, Status:

“Air has possibilities of clean energy,
Let’s celebrate World Wind Day together”

“without harming nature
harness wind energy,
If there is any problem or problem
So modify the technology”

“Make the country a leader in the country’s youth wind energy,
Wishing you a very Happy ‘World Wind Day”

“Know the hidden energy in the air,
Recognize the power of science”

“Wind blows strong in mountainous areas,
Therefore most wind turbines
Planted in hilly areas”

“In harnessing the limitless energy of the wind
Natural air is not polluted”

“This pure natural air,
In reality there is medicine for man.

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