World Senior Citizens Day 2021: Theme, Day Celebrated on 21st August

World Senior Citizens Day 2021

World Senior Citizens Day is celebrated every year on 21st August. The day was announced by the United Nations General Assembly on 14 December 1990. International Senior Citizens Day was celebrated for the first time on 1 October 1991.

World Senior Citizens Day 2021
World Senior Citizens Day 2021

World Senior Citizens Day 2021 History

In the United States, President Ronald Reagan signed the resolution on 19 August 1988, and the first National Senior Citizen Day was observed in the United States on 21 August 1988.

Let us tell you that on this day this day is celebrated all over the world to reflect the problems of the present condition of the elderly as well as their contribution.

#WorldSeniorCitizensDay In Indian culture, respecting elders is considered a very sacred and religious act. The story of Shravan Bhagat’s paternal service is told in every household. In this way, these Pitru Seva rituals are passed on to the next generation and from them to the next generations.

From the Gupta period till now we see those people who are being given pension facility for the services rendered by them in government service. With pension facility, they lead their life with dignity at home.

World Senior Citizens Day 2021 Celebrated on 21st Aug

Social Security is linked to the pension. Tell all of you that on this day
The government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee started the OAISS Project (Old Age Income and Social Security Project), on the recommendations of which the government was to formulate a sustainable welfare policy to increase the income and social security of people in old age.

The scheme which was made as per the recommendations of the project turned out to be a scam in the name of the scheme. There was no such thing as pension in it. It is a pension scheme without pension, which has been made against the basic spirit of the Constitution. This is applicable to all employees recruited after the year 2004.

Jasveer Singh Talwara, who is fighting for restoration of old pension and is currently working day and night with BP Singh Rawat (National President of National Old Pension Restoration United Front) to spread the struggle across India .

International Senior Citizens Day 2021

Tell all of you that on this day BP Singh Rawat told a channel that the old pension scheme provides social security to the workers whereas the new pension scheme has no aspect of social security in India. With the new pension scheme, the money of the states is going out of the state treasury.

Let us tell you that on this day the fund managers of companies are investing billions of rupees in the stock market with the money with which the governments were going to run welfare schemes in the states.

Let us tell all of you that on this day 10% of the basic salary of the employee is found as CPF and 14% is contributed by the government, but this fund is not fully received at the time of retirement, the employees get their funds. Only get 60%. The remaining 40 percent is invested by the fund manager in a private company and from the profit amount coming from this, he gives pension to the people working in the company.

Happy World Senior Citizens Day 2021

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