World Photography Day 2021: Theme, History, Status, Happy Photography

World Photography Day 2021

Every year we celebrate this day on 19th August every year. After all, why is this day celebrated, we know the history behind it.

World Photography Day 2021
World Photography Day 2021

On this day photography enthusiasts from all over the world come together and celebrate the art of taking photographs. This time this day is on Thursday i.e. today.

Every year this day is celebrated every year on 19th August. And also let us tell you that on this day #WorldPhotographyDay this hashtag is trending on social media, you should also share it and make people aware about this day. On this day photography enthusiasts from all over the world come together and celebrate the art of taking photographs. The science of photography has played an important role throughout human history. Today we have records of historical moments, we have captured these moments in pictures. Photography can instantly capture emotions, thoughts and moments and immortalize them for generations to come. So let’s know more about this day.

World Photography Day History 

The history of this day is somewhat different, let us tell you that the first origin of World Photography Day was originated in 1837 in France. Two French citizens named Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Louis Douger developed the photographic process for the first time by inventing the daguerreotype, yes you will be surprised that it took them a long time to make it.

The French Academy of Sciences officially announced the invention of the daguerreotype on January 19, 1837. Supposedly 10 days after the announcement, the French government bought its patent for the invention and declared it to be celebrated without copyright. After that, if you want to know more, then you can know about it on Wikipedia.

Happy World Photography Day 2021 some quotes and status

That picture of you is on the head
When my heart wants to see you all my life
I am so in love that
I kiss the mole on your forehead in the picture.

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Beauty can be seen in all things
seeing and creating beauty
shows your imagination
Which you capture in pictures.

Sometimes childish sometimes youthful
One picture tells many stories
Reminds me of old days
Listen to the words of ever silent pictures.

World Photography Day 2021: Theme

the theme of the day is “There is a book in your heart When I will turn its pages those beautiful moments with you Will not come back but will see in the pictures.

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