World Lion Day 2021: Theme, History, Facts, Lion Day Celebrated on 10 August

World Lion Day 2021

World Lion Day is celebrated across the world on 10 August every year. For the first time this day was created in 2013, but this time Lion Day 2021 will be celebrated on 10 August, this day is celebrated for the protection of lions. Although the lion is called the king of the jungle, but the truth is that the lion does not live in the forest surrounded by trees. Today, on the occasion of World Lion Day, we will tell you about some interesting facts, and history, and themes related to the lion.

world lion day 2021
world lion day 2021

World Lion Day 2021 Facts

This time in 2021, we will tell you a unique fact of lion, which you will be surprised to know. Often we have been hearing that in childhood we have been told in stories that the lion is the king of the jungle, but this title is not true for lions. The title of ‘King of the Jungle’ is misleading, because lions do not actually live in the jungle, nor do lions have a king. Actually, lions do not live in forests with large trees, but in bushes, in vast plains of tall grass, in savannas and on rocky hills.

The reason for the lion being called the king of the jungle is a mistake in the translation. Actually, the word ‘Jungle’ of English is derived from the word Jungle of English. Jungle in English means a barren or barren land. But in English, jungle means a place full of trees.

World Lion Day 2021 Facts

Let us tell all of you that the cats that are around you are actually the second largest species of cats in the world after the Lion Tiger. But the difference is that you can play with cats, they will not tell you anything, but if you play with a wild lion, even if you go far to them, they will kill you.

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World Lion Day 2021 Facts

You all must have heard it. Often you must have heard ‘the dogs come in the herd, the lion hunts alone’ but both these things are completely wrong. Lions never roam alone. They usually live in groups of 10–15, called prides. When it comes to hunting, lions do very little hunting. It is a real fact that about 85-90% of the hunting work is done by the lioness while the male lions keep an eye on the border and protect the herd.

World Lion Day 2021: Theme

This time in 2021 the theme of World Lion Day or International Why Day is “slow elimination of the African lion”.

World Lion Day 2021: History

About 8 years ago, World Lion Day was celebrated, that is, in 2013, this day is celebrated so that all the people can be told about the lion. Lion is a type of Lion animal which eats only meat. But to keep their population under control, this day is celebrated every 10 August.

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