World Humanitarian Day 2021 Theme, History, HumanitarianDay Celebrate

World Humanitarian Day 2021 Theme

Every year 19th August is celebrated as World Humanitarian Day. This day we will celebrate this day on 19th August, 2021.

World Humanitarian Day 2021
World Humanitarian Day 2021

We Every year 19th August is celebrated as World Humanitarian Day. In 2021 we will celebrate this day on 19th August, Thursday. This day is celebrated in the memory of those people, on this day we all should help those who are real life heroes, that is, people who spend their life helping people even in the most difficult situations. They are also ready to lay down their lives to help others for the cause of humanity or humanitarian purposes globally.

This year we are celebrating the 12th World Humanitarian Day in 2021 and at a time when the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Our humanitarians are still helping those in need during these difficult times. Huh. This is what good people say, who support each other even at a big time.

What is the history of World Humanitarian Day

Let us tell you that this day is celebrated on August 19 because on this day the United Nations Headquarters in Baghdad was bombed on this day in 2003. The bombing killed 22 other humanitarian personnel, including Sergio Vieira de Mello, the top UN envoy in Iraq. Because of this, on August 19, this day is celebrated all over the world.

What is the History of World Humanitarian Day

World Humanity Day was first celebrated by the United Nations General Assembly, for which resolution A/46/L.49 was passed in the year 2008. The proposal was sponsored by Sweden. In fact, 17 years ago today, on August 19, 2003, the United Nations Headquarters was attacked in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Do you know The attack killed 22 colleagues at the UN Headquarters, including Sergio Vieira de Mello, Special Representative of the UNO Secretary-General in Iraq, who also died in the bombings. Since then it was decided to celebrate 19 August as World Humanity Day.

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Why is World Humanitarian Day celebrated only on 19th August?

On August 19, 2021, a global campaign is going to happen with #WorldHumanitarianDay, in which these Real Life Heroes risked their lives and helped others during difficult situations, thank you so much for #HumanitarianDay2021 With this humanity is being celebrated. Let us tell you all that this campaign will present the stories of humanitarians who are inspiring the world to cure and prevent this disease, providing safe shelter to women and girls in lockdown, giving food to the vulnerable, Running refugee camps and all in this pandemic situation when everyone was choosing to stay home.

With this campaign, the day will inspire to celebrate the lives of real heroes, inspiring others to come forward and help those who need it. If you help anyone, God helps you.

World Humanitarian Day 2021 Theme

This time in 2021 we will celebrate this day as “climate crisis and pressure world” All of you have to do #WorldHumanitarianDay2021 on Twitter so that the people of the whole country become aware

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