World Day Against Child Labor 2021: Importance, Theme, Quotes, Status

World Day Against Child Labor 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Day Against Child Labor campaign is being celebrated this year in 2021

World Day Against Child Labor 2021
World Day Against Child Labor 2021

Every year 12 June is celebrated as World Child Labor Day. Many programs are organized around the world on this day. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to stop child labor. And to spread awareness about this. This day was started in the year 2002.

Every year on 12 June, World Day raises awareness among millions of people around the world, along with governments, employers and labor organizations, civil society, to highlight the plight of child labor, and many campaigns are run to help them. Many children aged 5 to 17 are engaged in work that deprives them of a normal childhood, such as adequate education, proper health care, leisure time, or simply basic freedom.

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Committed to meeting the global community 8.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals, such as ‘taking immediate and effective measures to eliminate forced labor, end human trafficking and secure the eradication of the worst forms of child labor.

Importance of World Day Against Child Labor

The ILO report ‘Global Estimation Outcomes and Trends of Child Labour, 2012-2016’ states that around 152 million children between the ages of five and 17 are being forced into labor under special conditions. The same report states that 73 million children out of 152 million do hazardous work. They get less wages. The basic problem of working children is poverty and illiteracy. As long as there is hunger in the country, we will not be able to get rid of this problem.

World Day Against Child Labor Quotes, Status 2021

  • Child labor is a business, children have the right to play in childhood.
  • Child labor is a stigma on humanity, stop it and make society a stigma.
  • Child labor is a sin, for which you yourself are responsible.
  • Child labor is a bad practice, it is the plight of the country.
  • Eradicate child labor from the root, educate the children of the country.
  • Don’t be burdened with responsibility, give the fun of childhood, give wings to these children to fly.

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