World Asteroid Day 2021: History, Facts, 1930 Lucifer, and More

World Asteroid Day 2021: History, Facts, 1930 Lucifer, and More

World Asteroid Day is also know as International Asteroid day will be celebrated on 30 June 2021. You will completely shocked to know about the History behind Asteroid 1930 Lucifer.

World Asteroid Day 2021
World Asteroid Day 2021

World Asteroid Day 2021: June 30 is celebrated every year as World Asteroid Day, you must know the history behind it. 1930 Lucifer famous all over the world was such an asteroid blast that scared people for hundreds of kilometers. This was the biggest blast in front of the world, which was caused by a very large asteroid falling directly from space towards the Earth.

History: 1930 Lucifer

USNO that the United States Naval Observatory, on 29 October 1964, discovered an asteroid that fell to Earth from space in 1930. American Astronomer Elizabeth Roemer discovered a very large meteorite with a diameter of 34 kilometers that fell on the surface of the Earth in 1930.

This is the biggest meteorite ever to fall in front of people. When this meteorite fell on the surface of the earth, it uprooted hundreds of trees from the ground. The earthquake was predicted to hit homes thousands of kilometers away. Many houses were also destroyed.

When the sky is seen during the night, many meteorites are visible in space. These meteorites appear like stars. Meteor bodies always fall somewhere, but fortunately, very few meteorites fall on the earth. When meteorites fall on the earth, their speed is very fast, due to which they get burnt in the middle of the sky.

Due to which there is no harm to the earth nor to any living being living inside the earth. But the meteorite that hit the Earth’s surface in 1930 was about 34 kilometers in diameter. From this it can be estimated that how much devastation will be in it. Due to the huge size of this asteroid, it has been named Lucifer.

Other Interesting facts about Asteroid

The solar system has existed in space for an eternity. They are made of rock and metal. According to science, it can also contain organic compounds. And it always revolves around the Sun.

The size of the asteroid also varies greatly. Some may be so small that it can even come in your hand, but some asteroids are so big that their size can be more than 100 kilometer in diameter.

In space, a strip remains between the orbits of 2 planets Mars and Jupiter. This lease is also made from Asteroid.

Many scientists believe that the asteroid has fallen on Earth once before. About 65 million years ago from today, a huge asteroid collided on the surface of the earth, due to which the dinosaurs on the earth came to an end. There was no life on Earth for many years after that, but as the effect of the asteroid decreased, a new beginning of life started.

Quotes of Asteroid Day 2021

I despise the Lottery. There is less chance of which you become a millionaire that of which you hit in the head an asteroid that passes. Brian May

The asteroid mining will ultimately benefit humanity on and off the Earth in many ways. Peter Diamandis

This planet is 15 million years behind schedule by the impact of an asteroid like the one that killed the dinosaurs. L. Neil Smith

What happens if a large asteroid hits Earth? Judging from realistic simulations involving a mallet and a common lab frog, we can assume it will be pretty bad. Dave Barry

In the short term, some deadly viruses may be more important, but in the long run there is hardly anything more important than asteroids. Rusty Schweickart

If the Earth is hit by asteroid, it’s game over. It’s control-alt-delete by civilization. Bill Nye

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