Why National Doctor’s Day Celebrated on 1 July in India?

Why National Doctor’s Day Celebrated on 1 July in India?

National Doctor’s Day is celebrated every year in India on 1st July. Who was the Dr. Bidhan Chandra honoured by the Bharat Ratna?

Why National Doctor's Day Celebrated on 1 July in India?
Why National Doctor’s Day Celebrated on 1 July in India?

Every year in India, 1 July is celebrated as National Doctor’s Day. National Doctor’s Day is to be celebrated on Thursday, July 1, 2021 in the year 2021. National Doctor’s Day is celebrated in India to pay tribute to Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was born on 1 July 1882 in India during the British period. While he also died on July 1 in Kolkata, West Bengal in India itself.

How National Doctor’s Day started in India?

Bidhan Chandra Roy was born on 1 July 1882 during the British period in India. The name of Bidhan Chandra Roy is taken with great reverence and respect in India, he is such a citizen of India who has played a big role of a very wealthy, a senior doctor, freedom fighter and a social worker. Bidhan Chandra Roy started his studies in Patna itself. And from Patna University itself, he gave his Mathematics Honors BA examination. Although he was also getting a government job but he turned down the government job and wanted to become an engineer or a doctor in his life. That’s why he continued his further studies. He took admission in Kolkata Medical College and came to Kolkata in the year 1919.

Had to struggle a lot to become a doctor.

Bidhan Chandra Roy was struggling a lot in his studies. When Jaboss came in the second year, his father retired from his job, due to which Bidhan Chandra Roy had to face a lot of financial crisis. It is considered the most difficult thing in his life that he bought only ₹ 5 book in his entire 5 years of studies. If you posted the rest, you used to study from the library or ask for a book from your friends.

Contribution of Dr. Bidhan Chandra in making India independent.

Bidhan Chandra Roy had come so close to Mahatma Gandhi by 1920 that even Mahatma Gandhi started believing in him. In 1929, he contributed to the civil disobedience movement in Bengal. He also had to go to jail but in jail too he has done a lot of great things. However, when India became independent in 1947, Bidhan Chandra Roy was asked to be included in the Union Cabinet. But Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy refused saying that I want to serve the society. But at the behest of Mahatma Gandhi, he became the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Have also been honored with Bharat Ratan.

The commendable work that Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy has done. Keeping that work in mind. The Indian government honored Bidhan Chandra Roy with the Bharat Ratna on 4 February 1961. But on July 1, 1962, the hour came when Bidhan Chandra Roy would reform the world. He was a social reformer. The whole of India was saddened on his death, even Mother Teresa herself expressed her grief. Because Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy had helped Mother Teresa a lot in her life. He also made a great contribution to his organization.

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