Why Chinese Eat Insects, Who is responsible? Historical Reasons

How did eating insects start in China? Historical reasons why Chinese people eat ant, bats, snakes, dog, pig, etc.

Why Chinese Eat Insects Who is responsible? Historical Reasons
Why Chinese Eat Insects Who is responsible? Historical Reasons | Credit: OZY

Today, the coronavirus pandemic has spread all over the world, which is blamed on China. After all, why is it that all viruses have their origin in China? The disease that occurs in animals first spreads to Chinese humans. Even the Chinese are held responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. First of all, this disease originated from the city of Wuhan in China.

It is said that, earlier this Virus was found in animals but now it has started spreading in humans. Today we will tell you that so many types of insects are eaten in China itself. If there is hardly any worm left, then the people of China do not eat it. Ants, Lizards, Bugs, Rat, Cockroaches, Snakes, Chameleons, Squirrels, etc, eat everything The people of China make different types of dishes.

Historical Reasons for eating insects.

In 1958 China was going through starvation. The President of China at that time was Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong saw that a bird was behind the destruction of the crop. He ordered in his country that all the people together, kill all the creatures that destroy the crop. Mao Zedong ordered the killing of four types of creatures – Housefly, Rat, Bat and Sparrow.

Although people killed all of them, but killing the sparrow became a kind of tradition of china. Even children were taught in books that it is in the interest of the country to kill the sparrow. Children, old, women, men and all the people of China started to kill the bird. All those people together used to harass the birds in such a way that they never sit on the ground and die as soon as they fly away.

Even some people used to go out with Gulers so that if they see birds anywhere, they can kill them. Some people even used to come out with guns so that they could kill the bird on the way. But this process could not go on for long, in some time all the sparrows in the country were over. China’s President Mao Zedong thought the problems were over. But the real problem had to begin now.

After some time the crop started getting ruined due to lack of birds. Because the sparrow bird also has a different role in the crop rotation. Birds spread the pollination of the plants, due to which the crop is more. But due to the extinction of the bird, people were not able to get the crop. Many people were suffering and dying of hunger.

According to Chinese government data, about 15 million people died at that time. Whereas in fact it is said that 45 million people died due to this tragedy. China’s President Mao Zedong saw that the situation in the country was getting worse. To correct the condition of the country, he said that you eat what you see.

People also did the same thing, they used to eat whatever insects they saw around them. If a person dies of hunger, then the condition was so bad that he used to eat the flesh of the dead person in order to survive. The Chinese author and journalism Yang Jisheng of that time tells in his book Tombstone that the condition of the country had deteriorated so much that 36 million people died of starvation. However, in China you cannot read Yang Jisheng’s Book of Tombstone, nor can you keep its digital version. If you even try to keep a digital version of Yang Jisheng’s book, You can go to jail.

At that time when China’s President Mao Zedong came to know that the killing of the bird had caused such a big tragedy in the country. So he ordered not to kill the bird. According to the source, he never accepted his mistake, rather he said that we are forgiving the bird. But still he ordered to kill Bedbugs in return.

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