Which came first Hen or Egg: Know 11 Interesting Facts

Which came first Hen or Egg: Know 11 Interesting Facts

Which came first Hen or Egg: Know 11 Interesting Facts
Which came first Hen or Egg: Know 11 Interesting Facts

This world is full of many interesting facts, unbelievable facts, today I am going to tell you 11 such facts about which you have rarely heard. Reading facts can be very interesting for humans. But it also increases your knowledge. If you like reading facts, then subscribe to our website now because we keep coming up with such facts.

#Facts No. 1

Every person in the world thinks that we get internet from satellite. So for your information, let me tell you that the internet we are using, we get only 3% from satellite. The remaining 97% of the internet we get from under the sea. The wire is laid in the sea, whose length is 1.2 billion i.e. 120 crore kilometers in total.

#Facts No. 2

The bees who make honey, if that bee bites your body, then it can cause swelling in your body, you will know that. But the most interesting thing is that even that bee dies in a few days. This happens because the sting of the bee that stings you gets stuck in your skin. When that bee takes out the sting from your skin, the sting cannot come out but its sting which is attached to its body remains in your skin. Due to which the bee dies within a few days.

#Facts No. 3

The interesting fact behind this is that a person gets delayed due to heart attack. When the effect of oxygen-rich blood in a part of a person’s heart suddenly stops, due to which oxygen is not available in that part of the heart. If oxygen is delivered to that part as soon as possible, then heart attack will not come. But if there is no oxygen for a long time, then the part of heart attack starts dying unaccountably. which causes the death of a human.

#Facts No. 4

There are many types of religions in the world. In which Christianity is the largest religion in the world, Islamic religion comes at number two and Hinduism comes at number three.

#Facts No. 5

You must have seen that when Virat Kohli plays a match, he puts the logo of MRF on his bat. MRF is a tire manufacturing company which has given 100 crores to Virat Kohli. Also signed an agreement under which Virat Kohli will play for 8 years by sticking that MRF on his bat.

#Facts No. 6

Mosquitoes detect humans only by sensing the carbon dioxide released by humans and the smell of human sweat. That’s why the mosquito finds humans even in the dark.

#Facts No. 7

Who came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer may or may not be with anyone, but the scientist has it. The scientist says that the chicken came first and not the egg. Because the cell which is there to cover the egg can be produced only by the chicken.

#Facts No. 8

Everyone says that mistake is the first way to success. Whereas the truth is that correcting the mistake is the first way to success.

#Facts No. 9

Famous Charlie Chaplin all over the world said a big thing. They say mirror is my best friend. Because when I cry it never laughs.

#Facts No. 10

Nikola Tesla was a person who used to solve integral calculations in his own mind. Although his teacher thought that he was cheating while it was not so. Nikola Tesla was a very intelligent person.

#Facts No. 11

The name of the metal of which the world’s famous Statue of Liberty is made is copper. The color in which the Statue of Liberty was built has now been completely changed to green. This is because the Statue of Liberty is made of copper metal, which reacts with oxygen to produce a green product. Because of which the Statue of Liberty is green today.

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