WhatsApp 5 New Updates: What will Impact Must Read

WhatsApp 5 New Updates: What will Impact Must Read

WhatsApp 5 New Updates
WhatsApp 5 New Updates

WhatsApp 5 New Updates: If you use WhatsApp, then quickly know these five Whatsapp news updates. WhatsApp is soon going to bring five such updates that all WhatsApp users should read. This update will be for both Android and iOS. Also, there is a possibility that the option of calling can also be given on WhatsApp. Come let’s know 5 such best features that WhatsApp is going to bring soon for its users.

1. Disappearing mode

Although the disappearing message was already being given by WhatsApp, but now there is a possibility of making some changes in it. Mark Zuckerberg said that users can enable it according to their own. The advantage of this picture will be that your message will be disappeared in the given time. That is, the message will be deleted in limited time.

2. Missed group calls

You must have done video calling on software like Facebook, Skype, etc. You would also think that this option would have been available on WhatsApp too. Soon WhatsApp is going to bring missed group call WhatsApp feature for its users. The advantage of this is that you can make a group call if a user missed a group call. So users will have this option available that they can join the group again. But there will be a condition will be that the group’s calling is still going on.

3. Multiple device support

Soon WhatsApp is going to bring multiple device support feature. The advantage of this feature can be a lot to the user because with the help of this feature, the user can open a WhatsApp account on four different devices simultaneously. At present, you can run WhatsApp in only one account. But there is a possibility of changing it in the future.

4. View Once feature

WhatsApp is going to bring View Once feature soon for all users. This feature is almost similar to Facebook and Instagram, in which once we see a video or image, then it gets deleted again. In the same way it will happen in WhatsApp also once you have seen a message then you will not be able to see it again.

5. WhatsApp Read Later

Just like there is an archive chat feature, WhatsApp is also going to bring the feature of WhatsApp read letter. This would be beneficial in archiving the chat. You will get to see these five updates of WhatsApp soon.

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