What PM Modi Said in Mann Ki Baat on 31st January

What PM Modi Said in Mann ki Baat on 31st January


Mann Ki Baat: Live Video 31 Jan 2021
Mann Ki Baat: Live Video 31 Jan 2021

1. PM represents the countries thoughts about the festivals that we have celebrated during the month.

2. PM Modi said in his speech that we have achieved a lot during the month, but also said in sad feeling that, Indian flag had been disrespected on 26th January republic day.

3. Indian is running the biggest vaccine program, in 15 days Indian has vaccinated more than 30 lakhs. which is better than those powerful countries like America, others.

Modi opened the messages send by Indians in Namo App: Modi himself said that he likes “Mann Ki Baat” because he got many knowledge and information about his country,

In the midst of all this, in Delhi, on 26 January, seeing the insult of the tricolor, the country was very sad. We have to fill the future with new hope and newness. We showed exceptional restraint and courage last year. This year too, we have to work hard and prove our resolve.

The government is committed to modernizing agriculture and is also taking many steps. The government’s efforts will continue

Jhansi’s Strawberry festival emphasizes the ‘Stay at Home’ concept. Through this festival, farmers and youth are being encouraged to do gardening and grow strawberries in the vacant spaces behind their home, or in the Terrace Garden.

PM Modi said – On 26 January, the country was saddened by the insult of the tricolor


New Delhi, ANI. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking to the countrymen through the Mann Ki Baat program amidst the farmer protest. During this time, PM Modi said that the nation has become very sad to see the insult of the tricolor on 26 January. This is the 73rd episode of Mann Ki Baat. The special thing is that this is the first Mann Ki Baat program of the year 2021.

PM Modi said that a few days ago, there was a boom of festivals in different parts of the country. In the midst of all this, the country has also become very sad to see the insult of the tricolor on 26 January in Delhi. We have to fill the future with new hope and newness. We showed exceptional restraint and courage last year. This year too, we have to prove our resolve by working hard.

A few days ago, you would have noticed that four non-stop pilots from India commanded a non-stop air service from San Francisco in the US to Bangalore. Traveling more than ten thousand kilometers, this flight brought more than two hundred and fifty passengers to India. The participation of women is increasing irrespective of the field: PM Modi

I also loved reading how a local vegetable market, in Boyinpally, Hyderabad, is fulfilling its responsibilities. The vegetable market of Boyinapally has decided that the vegetables that are left will not be thrown in such a way that electricity will be created: PM Modi

– I call upon all the countrymen and especially my young colleagues to write about the freedom fighters of the country. Write books about the heroic stories of the era of freedom struggle in your area. Now that India will celebrate its 75th year of independence, writing will be a perfect tribute to the heroes of freedom: PM Modi

In every part of India, the freedom struggle was fought with full force in every city, town and village. Great sons and great heroes were born in every corner of India, who sacrificed their lives for the nation: PM Modi

– The nation honored people doing extraordinary work for their achievements and their contribution towards humanity. This year too, the awardees include those who have done excellent work in different fields

This month, there was also a lot of good news from the cricket pitch. Our cricket team made a great comeback after their initial woes and won the series in Australia. Hardwork and teamwork of our players is motivating: PM Modi

– When I do ‘Mann Ki Baat’ it seems, as if I am present among you as a member of your family. With the beginning of this year, our fight against Corona has also been completed for almost a year. Just as India’s fight against Corona has become an example, our vaccination campaign is also becoming an example in the world: PM Modi

In the 72nd episode of Mann Ki Baat, the Prime Minister said that the demand for India-made products across the country is increasing rapidly, with people supporting ‘Vocal for Local’. He said that friends, we have to maintain the spirit of vocal for local, keep it, and keep increasing. You take New Year resolution every year, this time a resolution must also be taken for your country. PM Modi also appealed people to use local products and make the country free of plastic.

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