What is Share Market? NSE, BSE, Learn Everything here

What is Share Market? NSE, BSE, Learn Everything here

Today on ALatestNews, you will What is Share Market? What is NSE and BSE. Why should you invest in Stock Market.

What is Share Market

Share market is a market in which there are many stock listed companies, in which any person can buy and sell shares by going there, although now you can buy stock from share market by downloading your phone app.

What is Share Market
What is Share Market

There are 2 stock markets in India

  • NSE (National Stock Exchange)
  • BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)

BSE – BSE is a company which is in Mumbai, which established in 1986. Inside which many companies had listed BSE Bombay Stock Exchange which is the top 30 refers to the downfall of the company which called Sensex.

NSE – NSE is a National Stock Exchange company under which Nifty top 50 company comes NSE is India’s largest stock exchange company and it is in Mumbai, it was established on May 1992!

Why should we invest in shares

You can make a lot of profit by investing in the share market, but before investing you should do research about that company, by doing research, our loss is not only worked and profit is also filled.

What should we look for when doing company research?

1 – Debt – While investing, you should look at the debt on the company. If the company is a company with high debt, then you should stay away from that company.

Because the risk of loss in a company with high debt would be high.

You should always remember while selecting the company. It should be kept that the debt of the company should be 1/4 of the company’s assets. There is a risk of loss in these companies.

2 Future Planning – What is the future planning of the company Q. The profit of the company depends on its future planning

3 – Current Situation – What is the current situation of the company. If the company is not in loss. If the company is good and is in loss and you think that this company will grow then you should invest.

4- p/e : Price to earning Ratio: Price and Earning Ratio means the ratio of the company’s price and that company’s earnings, the price of the company’s share is derived from the ratio of earnings and earnings

How much risk is there in share market?

Now, it’s right time to know the risk under stock market.

Risk in the share market depends on the company. Because if you do not do research while buying shares. Then your risk is lost and if you invest by doing research.

Then your risk becomes negligible.
If you buy shares from someone’s advice or with someone’s tip, then you may lose you amount.

Therefore, you should always understand the technical part of the stock market. You will know more about the technical part of the stock market below.

Is it good to invest Stock Market?

There are many doubts to invest in stock market. Because in one side who can earn a lot of money are investing in stock market.

But in other hand who are not capable to invest in stock market or who have put their amount in loss are against of the stock market.

Now I want to clear you that there two types of techniques to invest in stock market. First one is to understand the technical and second one is to understand the fundamental.

In fundamental,

In fundamental, you need to understand many things which is not easy for everyone. Because in fundamental you need important skills.

You need to understand competition edge. The most important things are you have to collect the factors of affecting business for stock market. But if you are expert you can do, but it is not all about.

In Technical

In Technical, you have to understand the chart. Don’t worry chart is easier than fundamental. or you can say that Technical is easier than fundamental.

If you know the fundamental very well, then it’s good for you. Because when you were in secondary school, that time you must have learnt the statics. Stock market technical part is similar like that.

Now if you understand about the stock market. Then, you say “YES”, It is good to invest Stock Market.

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