What is POSCO Act & Why it is Trending a lot in India?

What is POSCO Act & Why it is Trending a lot in India?

What is POSCO Act & Why it is Trending a lot in India
What is POSCO Act & Why it is Trending a lot in India | File: India Today

POSCO Act is a law that was enacted in India in 2012 to protect minor children from sexual harassment. Recently some amendments have been made in this law to make it more better, so that this law has become even more strict at present. Let us know what is the POSCO Act and if a person is caught against the POSCO Act, then in what way action will be taken against him.

The full name of POSCO Act is The Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, which was enacted by the Government of India in 2012. This law applies equally across India. This law was made to protect minor children who are victims of sexual offenses and molestation.

If any person commits any kind of sexual misconduct with any minor. It comes under the purview of POSCO Act. If a person knows about a person who is molesting a child, then it is the duty of that person to tell these things to the police. Also, when this case is registered with the police, it is the duty of the police to bring the report of the matter under the supervision of the Child Welfare Committee within 24 hours so that it can take its steps for the safety of the children.

And get the children’s medical examination done in their own way. However, if a girl is hunted under the POSCO Act, then her medical examination is done by a lady only. And CWC gets the children tested in such a way that it is very less painful for the children. Also, it is the duty of the CWC to get the children examined under the supervision of a person in whom the child has full confidence. According to the provision, the children will be examined in a closed room and at the same time a provision has been made to keep their information secret.

Now if a person is found guilty then the following cases can be filed against him.

If the offender has committed a heinous crime with a child who is less than 12 years of age, then that person is sentenced to death. If that person has committed any kind of sexual harassment with children below the age of 12 years. He is sentenced to death. If the child who has raped the person is less than 16 years of age, then such persons are sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment. There is a provision of imprisonment of not less than 10 years and imprisonment for a maximum of 20 years.

Some important things that you should know about POSCO Act.

1. Also, you have raped or sexually abused such children who are below 18 years of age, all those abominations come under the purview of POSCO Act.

2. The POSCO Act law works equally for both boys and girls.

3. Under the POSCO Act, children are protected from crimes like sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography.

4. Under this law, if any person inserts his private part in any part of the body of a child, then he will be considered as an offense under section 3 and he will be punished according to section 4.

5. If the offender has committed other wrongful crimes other than the rape of children, then he will be given the punishment which is the most severe in the punishment of both the crimes.

6. And if a person touches the private part of a child or comes to touch his private part with the children, then there is a provision of punishment under section 8.

7. If any person knows that a child has been sexually abused of any kind. And if he has not informed about this in his nearest police station, then he can also be prosecuted for 6 months.



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