What are NRC and CAA meaning and difference?

What are NRC and CAA?

What is NRC, what is CAA, what is the way in which this Act is implemented in Assam, how will it be implemented in the whole of India? Why are NRC and CA violently involved in the country? Which religion will be affected by this bill, will any religion of India be damaged? Learn about it in detail.

What are NRC and CAA?
What are NRC and CAA?

As the CAB Citizenship Amendment Bill is passed in Parliament, it creates a huge panic in the country. A provision has been made in the CAB bill that people of 6 religions who came from three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, which are minorities in these three countries, Hindu, Jain, Christian, Parsi, Buddhist and Sikh, will get citizenship of India.

This bill has no connection with people of any religion present in India. Citizens of India, irrespective of religion, belong to India, they have nothing to do with this bill. The purpose of this bill is to give citizenship of India to those people of six religions who have been harassed from 3 countries Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

What is a CAA? Citizenship Amendment Act is a law under which India will give citizenship to three religions near India in which People has been tortured from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, and people of 6 religions who have fled from there. Under this provision, India will give citizenship of India to people of which religion.

Will CAA make any difference to Muslims in India: Whether it is a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi, Jain and a person of any other religion belongs to India, then this bill will not make any difference on him/her. This bill is designed to give citizenship only to people from India. With this bill, no citizenship will be lost, but citizenship will be given to those who have come from outside. No need to worry to Indians about this Bill.

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