Veer Savarkar Jayanti 2021: Writer of Hindutva, Know History

Veer Savarkar Jayanti 2021: Writer of Hindutva, Know here complete History about Veer

Veer Savarkar Jayanti 2021: The founder of the Hindu Mahasabha Party, Veer Savarkar, the author of a book called the Indian War of Independence in 1857, has had a great struggle in India’s independence. Today on May 28, Veer Savarkar, whose real and full name was Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, was born.

Veer Savarkar Jayanti 2021
Veer Savarkar Jayanti 2021

He was born on 28 May 1883 in Bhagpur village near Nashik. Struggled a lot in his life, even after a long jail visit, he wrote a lot of books that are still read by Indian people and other people. Hindutva talks about Hindus and Hindustan and we are going to know a lot about them today.

Just as a coin has two sides, similarly in the country there is something similar about Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Where on the one hand if you want Gandhiji, you will hate the Damodar and in the same way if you want Damodar whom you want, then Gandhiji will not want you. Let us know what is the reason behind this. With the latest news has remained to know in detail.

Vinayak Damodar History as of the date

Veer Savarkar was born on 28 May 1883 in a village named Bhagpur. On 13 March 1910, Veer Savarkar was sent from London to India to investigate the case. On 2 May 1921, Veer Savarkar was sent back from Andaman and Nicobar Jail to India Jail on the insistence of great leaders like Vitthalbhai Patel, Tilak and Gandhi. When Veer Savarkar was in Ratnagiri Jail, he wrote a book called Hindutva.

Veer Savarkar was released from jail on 6 January 1924. Veer Savarkar took part in a lot of movements and joined the party formed by Tilak. And later formed a new party named Hindu Mahasabha. Hindu Mahasabha Party was very much opposed to the demand of becoming Pakistan.

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse. When Nathuram Godse was caught by the police, Veer Savar was also suspected and apprehended by the police. But eventually, he was proved innocent and was released. Veer Savarkar died on 26 February 1966 when he was 83 years old.

The two parties are the oldest and the largest in India, in which the name of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress comes. It is said that if you believe Veer Savarkar, then you will oppose Gandhiji. And if you believe in Gandhiji then you will oppose Veer Savarkar.

Veer Savarkar was the first to suggest the Dharma Chakra in the midst of the national flag Tricolor, which was accepted by President Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

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