Trailanga Swami Biography | Trailanga Swami Age 300 Years


Trailanga Swami’s Biography | Talang Swami Age 300 Years

Introduction of Trailanga Swami

Trailanga Swami is known as Talang swami as well. He was born on Born November 27, 1607 (Vizianagaram) and, Died on December 26, 1887 (Varanasi, India). Trailanga Swami was a Hindu yogi and was famous for his spiritual powers. He used to live in Varanasi. Talang swami was much famous in Bangol where he was famous for his long age and his spiritual powers. Some of the evidence says that he was alive approx 300 years. In Varanasi, he spent from 1737 until 1887. He was known as an avatar of lord shiva also, he got the title of “Sachal Vishwanath”

Trailanga Swami

Early-stage of Trailanga Swami

Trailanga Swami born at Viziana in Andhra Pradesh, village’s name was Holiya. His father’s name was Narsingha Rao, and his mother’s name was Vidyavati. The mother of Talang swami used to worship lord shiva she got Trailanga Swami ( childhood name Shivram ). Talang swami was disinterest and subjectivity so he did not do marry till 40 years. When Talang Swami was approx 40 years, Trailanga Swami’s father died at the age of 42 . So instead of the home place, Talang swami started his sadhana from local cremation. Talang Swami spent his 20 years of life.

One day of sudden he met Bhagirathinand Saraswati then he left his village forever. After leaving the home place he visited many pilgrims with the Bhagirathinanda, they both did sadhana or spent 7 years in the pilgrims. One day Talang Swami took initiation of retirement from Bhagiratha Swamy, then Talang swami renamed as ‘Ganapati Saraswati’.. This was the time when Bhagirathinanda died. after dyeing the bBhagiarathinanda he did not stop, he visited many places and got many ” siddhis “.

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After getting the many siddhis he came back to Andhra Pradesh in Talang area from here people started to call him “Trailanga Swami” and Talang swami name became famous for him so, the whole world has known him as “Trailanga Swami”

Talang Swami in Varanasi

Swami param hash said that he went many times to meet Trailanga Swami and shaw the body of Talang Swami and said it was looking like 250 years old. when first-time Swami param hash went to meet the Talang Swami then he went a wooden tool for sitting the Paramhansa. Many people say he did many wonders some of them were famous such as…

1. He drunk poison many times but did not die
2. He used to sit on the water in the Ganges.
3. He used to hide in the water for a long time.
4. He used to sit on the rock in the summer days.

Behavior of Varanasi

Talang Swami always used to be naked and the police were aware of it so many times police put him in the prison but after some times he used to be on the roof of prison this was also a wonder by Swami Ji. Once more police put him into prison and all the security guards were there but then also he came out of prison and was walking on the roof.

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