Top 7 Tips How To Score 90% In CBSE

Top 7 Tips How To Score 90% In CBSE

Here you are going to know about the Top 7 Tips How To Score 90% In CBSE. Make sure you  read this till the end,

Everyone wants to come top in the exam, then the same person wants to pass with a good number, but today we will tell you how you are 90% in CBSE or other board. It happens that the same cook is a child that does not pass the whole year and gets passed. Today we will tell you that if CBSE or other board wants to bring 90% then how can you bring you.

how to score 90% marks tips
How to Score 90% marks Tips

1 Time Table

When you always do some work, then you should become a schedule so that you can finish that work on that time. Always we should make time table. Because it helps to make our goals clear.

Example: If your school is of evening then you should fall in morning or at night so that you can remember more and more. Same if your school is in morning then you can post in evening if you fall in evening then you get more time to study

2 Revisions

Always whenever you happen to do something in school, it is very important to come home and do revisions because doing revisions at home makes you remember or understand more. To remember any subject topic or any toughest topic we need to revise that subjects much more. Revisions are the important part of to get the more than 90% marks.

3 Self study

If you are giving board exam then it is very important to do self study because board exam is very hard exam in which you should remember everything. Without self study we can not think to get more than 90% marks in our exam. As we have to decide

4 Previous Year & Sample Paper Solve

You should always solve the previous or sample paper of your exam so that you can get the idea of ​​your paper, how will the paper come. To guess how previous years questions were asked. It helps to get an idea about the exams, so that we can get the highest marks in our exams.

5 Main point written down

You should always underline or note down the man point or handing so that you can remember the important topic at exam time quickly. Whenever you got write down the imporant points, create notes. It will help you to get the more than 90% marks.

6 Focus

Focus should always be kept in the exam, at least 2 months before the exam, self-study should be done and a doll should be kept that I want to bring 90%. Which does not hate your focus and you can post well. Focus is more important than ever. We should always think about our goals and we should focus only on our goals which is to cover subjects in the given times.

7 Read Extra Books

Like Math, Science, etc. This is such a subject in which you need to study more or you have to read other books. Because in NCERT Books you are given only knowledge but you need to read those books. To read more, have to have other books which are something like this. Try to read the books.


Now you have to create the Time Table. Make sure you Revise every topics after reading. Also you have to be sure that you are doing Self study. Also, you can solve Previous Year & Sample Paper Solve. Write down main points on your notebooks to read and remember.

Focus should be strong, Focus only to cover the subjects before time. Read Extra Books like related books of the subjects. Those books should be recommended by the examination.

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