TikTok vs YouTube fight | Top 10 Tiktoker And YouTuber In The World 2021

TikTok vs YouTube fight 2021

TikTok vs YouTube fight In this we will tell you about the Top 10 Tiktoker in the world 2021 and Top 10 YouTuber In The World 2021. Will compare TikTok and YouTube

TikTok vs YouTube fight | Top 10 Tiktoker And YouTuber In The World 2021
TikTok vs YouTube fight | Top 10 Tiktoker And YouTuber In The World 2021

Top 10 Tiktoker in the world 2021

1. Charli D’Amelio is a United States superstar Tiktoker who has the most million followers in the world, which you will be shocked to hear, his name comes first in this list, he currently has 117.5 million followers and around 94000 million Like it, by making a video of Tiktok, uploading the dancer’s and social media personality’s, his username on Tiktok is @charlidamelio.

2. Addison Rae is named at number two because she has 81 million followers on Tiktoke and has likes around 9,2020, she uploads videos of her dance and social media personal letters on Tiktoke social media, it is number two in the United States But the biggest ones are counted on Tiktok.

3. Bella Poarch, a resident of the United States, is very fond of making videos of Tiktok and at this time she has 72.8 million likes and about 1600 million likes, she is on Tik Tok, she uploads her social media personality videos on Tiktok. Huh.

4. Khabane Lame has made her around 71 million followers by uploading her videos on social media like Tik Tok and has about 970 million likes, she uploads videos of this social media on Tik Tok and is from Italy.

5. Zach King, his name is famous at number five in the whole world, he has about 60.2 million followers and has around 750 million likes, he was born in the United States and started making this video there, his video filmmaker and social media videos upload and their videos every single video goes viral.

6. Will Smith is also counted among a very big TikTok stars, he is around 55 million polo years and three 335 mail million likes put his video on tik to jail actor and is also a resident of United States

7. Tiktok is an American and is also counted among the stars of Tiktok, he has around 55 million followers at number seven, and talking about his likes, he has 255 million likes, he uploads his videos to social media on Tiktok.

8. Spencer Polanco Knight is at number eight in the superstar of Tik Tok and at this time he had 53.5 million followers and likes, he has 1304 million likes from many of his friends and he was born in the United States and made this video there. Create and upload videos of your build box and social media on Tik Tok.

9. Loren Gray is ranked ninth in this list in Tik Tok, he had around 52.5 million followers and he makes his videos the best, he uploads videos of singers and dancers and social media, due to which his likes are at number three. The maximum is 2808 million likes, which is very high, it uploads its video singer’s personality to the dancer on social media, due to which he has a lot of friends and likes to listen to his short videos to short videos.

10. Dixie D’Amelio is a United States girl who is a Tiktoker Superstar and is in the 10th position in this list with almost 52.2 million followers and 2945.6 million likes.

Top 10 YouTuber In The World 2021

1. T-Series This is India’s YouTube channel owner Gulshan Kumar was a great devotee and he kept his channel T-Series because the word T means Trident (Trishul) You will get to listen to music on this YouTube channel. At present the current is 185 million subscribers.

2. Cocomelon Education‘s YouTube channel is the world’s current 113 million subscribers.

3. PewDiePie is such an entertainment channel that has the highest subscriber, currently 110 million are subscribed.

4. SET India This is a channel whose language is Hindi, it will get more entertainment videos and at present it is the second largest YouTube channel in India with 106 million subscribers.

5. Kids Diana Show comes at number 4 in the biggest channel of entertainment. English is the main language of this channel and currently, it has 79.7 million subscribers.

6. WWE is a sports channel with 78.2 subscribers and it is the 5th largest channel in the whole world.

7. Like Nastya is the largest channel in the Russian language with 74.5 million subscribers

8. Zee Music Company is India’s third and world’s 8th largest music YouTube channel, its primary language is Hindi. This channel has 73.8 subscribers.

9. 5-Minute Crafts is Entertainment’s 9th largest YouTube channel with 72.6 million subscribers currently.

10. Vlad and Niki comes in the list of Top 10 Subscribers all over the world It currently has 68.7 Million Subscribers

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