Teddy Day 2021: Valentines Day 4, Quotes, Photos, Gift, Facts, History

Teddy Day 2021: Valentines Day 4, Quotes, Photos, Gift, Facts, History

Teddy Day 2021: The fourth day of Valentines Day i.e. 10 February is celebrated as Teddy Day. On this day, the lovers give Teddy and wish each other. As you know, there is a lot of interesting story on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day begins with Rose Day. The next day is celebrated as Propose Day. The third day is celebrated as Chocolate Day. And the fourth day i.e. today is celebrated as Teddy Day. Today we will know about Teddy Day. Today we will give you a lot of quotes that you can use and you can wish a teddy day to your favorite person through WhatsApp Fact.

Teddy Day 2021
Teddy Day 2021 | Source: Indian Express

Interesting story behind Teddy Day 2021

There is a very interesting story behind why Teddy Day is celebrated. This is when 26th President Theodore Roosevelt of America went to Mississippi to settle the border dispute between Mississippi and Ludhiana. Once there, he felt like hunting. When he went hunting, he saw that a bear was injured. Some people with him told him that let’s hunt this bear, but the President of America in 26 refused to attack the hair. He believed that hunting any injured animal is against the law of hunting. Seeing this sympathy, many people made a picture of Teddy Bear with him and started showing each other. Since then people have started celebrating Teddy Bear Day.

Quotes for Teddy Day 2021

“I am sending you teddy to love you … to take care of you .. If you have love then send me a teddy with love too.”

“You keep laughing like a teddy bear .. Keep smiling always like a spilling bear .. You have settled like a dear in the heart”

“You keep laughing, keep dancing, keep smiling, always blossoming, be happy and keep humming” Happy Teddy Day

“If you were a teddy, we would have kept it with us .. Put Hug in the bag and put it to sleep with us every night.

“Teddy teddy come close, bring them with you too. When are we sitting alone remind them of us

“You know they still become unaware .. That’s how they bother us .. Ask us what you like .. They answer themselves and ask questions. Happy Teddy Day
teddy day sms ”

“You left alone. We were left standing. Like every time tears still flowed .. We remembered you every moment and you said laughing and remembering everyone… just you are left.”

“Your friendship is also an affliction … There is a treasure of love in it … That is why I want to ask you for a teddy bear and today I have an excuse to ask for it too”

“He is seen in every face .. He has a complaint about us that we smile when we see everyone … Do not understand what he knows, he is seen in every face.”

“Some shadows touch the heart,
Some scenes go into the heart,
Flowers bloom even in lifeless Gulshan,
When friends like you meet in life. “

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