Swaminarayan or Sahjanand Biography | Founder of Swaminarayan Community

Swaminarayan or Sahjanand Biography


Swaminarayan or Sahjanand was on born 3 April 1781. He was the founder of the Swaminarayan community. In Bhagwat Puran and Skand Puran and in Padampuran is talking about him. Swaminarayan wrote the Shikshapatri which is the primary Shikshapatri of the Swaminarayan community.


Early age of Swaminarayan

Swaminarayan used to belong to Lord Shriram’s town which is Ayodhya, district Gonda, and village Chhappiya. Swaminarayan’s father was Hariprasad and his mother bhakti Devi. Hariprasad was named to Swaminarayan as Ghanshyam. One day when Swaminarayan went with his father and mother to the priest so he predicted that Swaminarayan will be helpful to lakhs of people.

Education of Swaminarayan

When Swaminarayan was 5 years old he got to know about the words of Hindi. As Swaminarayan reached 8 years he got Janeu. From 8 to 10 age he learned about ethology.

Tour of Swaminarayan

After reaching 11 years then his father and mother both died. A few days later he went out of the home to help others. Swaminarayan visited for 7 years in the whole country. After visiting the country he was known as Neelkanthvarni. In these days he learned Astang from Gopal Yogi then went to Gujrat.

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Swaminarayan and Ramanand Swami

One day Swaminarayan was going to Mangroll’s s village Log then he met Muktanand swami who the obedient student of Parmanand swami they both met each other Swaminarayan and Parmanand. Parmanand swami decided that Swaminarayan will be staying with Swami Muktanand and Swaminarayan was agree to this statement. Once Muktanand Swami was doing the Katha and Swaminarayan also was there so Swaminarayan observed that male and female both used to come in the Katha but most of the male used to come for looking the females which was not a good thing so Swaminarayan decided to separate them and said to follow the instructions of Sadhu.

After a few days later Swami Ramanand gave Dikaha to Swaminarayan and changed his name to Shahjanand and after 1 year Parmanand gave his position also to Swaminarayan was in Jaitpur. Only some later swami Parmanand got died. Now he was alone so Swaminarayan decided to visit the villages and used to tell Swaminarayan Jap to all the people. He got joined by every kind of person with him. He told five things to his students which were not eating meat, Madira and not theft and sacrificing of conspiracy, and need to understand the own religion.

Punctuality of Swaminarayan

Swaminarayan was much punctual of work he used to do most of the things on time. Whatever rules he formed for others he also used to follow all of them.

Work of Swaminarayan

He helped for prohibiting the things such as for sacrificial system, Sati practice, and killing the girls while delivering. The of time his working place was Gujrat. Whenever ant natural strike used to come he always used to do the help of all the people. After seeing these kinds of activities people started to call him Lord. He built many Swami Narayan temples and the most famous temple is the Swaminarayan Akshardham temple which is located in New Delhi. It was recorded in Guinness World Recordsin 2005.

Death of Swaminarayan

He died while working for temples and making esprit with the people. He died in 1830. Swaminarayan has his disciples all over the word. One Swaminarayan temple is located in London as well which is known for the Swaminarayan community.

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