Study claims, drinking alcohol shrinks the brain, it can also be harmful

Study claims, drinking alcohol shrinks the brain, it can also be harmful


According to the researchers, much could change in the structure of the brain alcohol and its size, which can also affect memory.

(Effects Of Alcohol On Brain) Effects claimed in a new study that could have a negative impact on people’s minds than or drink a little wine. American University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania) to the analysis based on the extracted results of this study made by researchers on 36 thousand people in a study. The study found the routine can affect the brain in people taking two drinks of alcohol from an (alcohol consumption). According to researchers, the more the structure of the brain alcohol and its size also can change, it can shrink the brain (brain shrinkage) and may also have an effect on the memory. (Effects Of Alcohol On Brain In Hindi

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Damage significant drinking bad effects of alcohol to health for a long time has revealed information about the various studies and research papers. However, this new study has revealed important information about the ill effects of alcohol on the brain. The results of this study in the journal Science, “have been published in Nature Communications (Nature Communications). The study authors and we understand its impact on body half or drinking a bottle of beer samples during a member of the US-based pence Wharton School Speaking about the results of the study Gideon New (Gideon Nave), ‘Study in a help. “

Please tell, National Institute as on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, one drink women consumed alcohol is considered safe while a be safely consumed two pegs for men. But according to a new study, that can reduce the amount turned out to be very harmful to drinking alcohol brain.

Maybe drinking alcohol for health, also damages

the fatty liver Dijihjh the risk increases

tomato process alcohol to the liver to more work. It would become many kinds of toxic elements. This may increase the risk of failure of Liv and fatty liver disease.

May increase risk of diabetes

alcohol wine Diabetes risk increases. Does not produce insulin in sufficient amounts in the body alcohol and is also influenced by the functioning of the pancreas.

the digestive tract damage

Reacheshurts the Digestive System of alcohol which may cause problems associated with the Digestive System. So Alcohpan drinking people the problem of acidity is too high.

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