Should a student invest in share market or not?

Should a student invest in share market or not?

Should a student invest in share market or not
Should a student invest in share market or not

If seen, then student should invest in share market because student can earn his part time from him, don’t need much money to invest in share market, you can invest minimum 100 rupees also if app 10th 11th If I am, then it is very important to have knowledge about share market because if you invest in share market, then you can take knowledge about it along with earning in part time and go ahead you can make your career in share market. can

What should a student keep in mind while investing?

1. If you are a student then you should never invest with generous money
2 Knowledge – If you invest in the share market, then you should take some knowledge about it so that you do not get stressed by investing once and your studies do not get hindered.

How to find company in student share market?

If you invest then you should not invest in just one company but in 4 or 5 companies.
So that if there is a loss in one company, it will be recovered in the rest.

Four things you should pay attention to find companies

1. Loss Making Company
2 debt companies
3 Risky Companies

You should stay away from these companies because the risk is high in these companies and the chances of losing your money are high.

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How much investment does the student need

If you are a student then you should take absolutely risk you should only read knowledge and books when you have money then invest 10% of that money so that if you lose then it should not be too much
And no matter what your study

What should the company be like to invest?

1-Whether the company is giving dividend on time or not
2- Who is the owner of the company?
3 – How many assets does the company have
4- How much does the company have to spend to earn money
5- What is the background of the company

While selecting a company, all these things are needed so that the company can be selected correctly.

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