Saudi Arabia | Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments | 10 Dangerous Laws

Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments

Talking about the country with the top 10 dangerous laws, Saudi Arabia is included in the countries. Let us tell you that this law of Saudi Arabia has been written after doing much research. Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments.

Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments
Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments

10 Most Dangerous Laws Of Saudi Arabia

10. In Saudi Arabia, married women cannot meet non-men. Whenever the women go to a public place, they are accompanied by a male member of the household. Otherwise, it falls under the scope of breaking the law. According to Saudi law, no woman living in Saudi can move around alone after marriage. She has to hang out with her husband. Even if she has to go to the market, she has to go with her husband or a member of her family. Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments

9. You can’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day in this country. Shopkeepers in the country are also banned from carrying heart-shaped items at this time. Also, in Saudi Arabia, if a man rapes a woman, the man’s guilt is thoroughly investigated, and when the man confesses, he is brought to the middle of the street and strangled. Is. As a result, the Saudis remain fearful and avoid committing such crimes. Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments

8. Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries in the world to have certain restrictions on women. If the women here go out of the house, only their eyes and hands should be visible in the body. Everything else is covered with the hijab.

7. In Saudi Arabia, women have to wear hijab all the time. Even if a woman is raped there, the culprit is not punished unless there are four witnesses in the case. Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments

6. In Saudi Arabia, it is forbidden to view any kind of offensive, bad photos or videos. If anyone is found doing so, he is severely punished.

Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments

5. Saudi Arabia is the fourth deadliest country in the world. Here a person is strangled to death in the middle of a crowd.

4. Saudi Arabia is considered to be the only country in the world where women have to get permission from their husbands to open a bank account. Otherwise, the account will not be opened.

3. The women here can fly a ship but cannot drive a car. Women are banned from driving cars all over the country. Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments

2. You will be surprised to know that in the year 2012, only men used to work in the same shop as women but at the moment this law is banned.

1. In Saudi Arabia, the hand is publicly cut off when caught stealing. So there is no theft. Guys, tell me if this law is right or wrong by commenting

Saudi Arabia Laws and Punishments

Let us tell you that the women players of Saudi Arabia participated in the July 20 12 Olympics, June 2013 the inauguration of the Sports Center for Women in Saudi Arabia, the women voted in the December 2015 elections, February 2017 women were given independent passports, May 2017 women have increased access to education and health, July 2017 physical education for women begins, January 2018 allows women to enter stadiums, February 2018 women are allowed to join the military, start their own business, and March 2018 wearing an abaya no longer

How did you feel knowing about the dangerous laws of Saudi Arabia and if you think which of these laws is the most dangerous, comment on it?

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