Sant Kabir Das Jayanti 2021: Date, Wiki, Quotes, Celebrated on 24th June

Sant Kabir Das Jayanti 2021:

Today is the birth anniversary of Kabir Das, this birth anniversary is celebrated every year on 24th June.

Sant Kabir Das Jayanti
Sant Kabir Das Jayanti
Name Sant Kabir Das
Birth 1398
death 1518
birthplace Lahartara Tal, Kashi
place of death Maghar, Uttar Pradesh
mother’s name Neema
father’s name Neeru
wife’s name dough
son’s name amazing
daughter’s name Kamali
land of work Kashi, Banaras
work area Social reformer, poet, making cloth by cutting yarn
main works Sakhi, Sabad, Ramani
language Awadhi, Sadhukkadi, Panchmel Khichdi
Education illiterate
citizenship Indian

Kabir Das has never believed in superstition in his life. Rather, they have given many types of superstitions and untouchability, many types of injury to small and big caste, Hindu, Muslim, discrimination. Kabir Das was such a great poet who has taught people to walk on the right path.

Kabir Das, about whom every person should know, no matter what religion that person belongs to, Kabir Das’s biography must be read, so that you never believe in superstition. You get to read about Kabir Das from class 9 to class 12.

From the birthplace of Sant Kabir ji, you can know all the things by looking at the list given below. Kabir Das has learned many types of languages, such as Saghukkadi and mixed languages, he has used almost all types of languages while writing couplets or books, out of which Haryanvi, Punjabi, Khari Boli, Awadhi Braj, language Rajasthani is the main.

Kabir Das Jayanti 2021 Date:

The birth anniversary of Sant Kabir Das Ji is celebrated every year on 24th June, this time we will celebrate it on Thursday.


Sant Kabir Das Famous Dohe

“kabeera khada baajaar mein, sabakee maange khair, na kaahoo se dostee, na kaahoo se bair.”
“kahe kabeer kaise nibaahe, ker ber ko sang, vah jhumat ras aapanee, usake phaatat ang”
“guru gobind dou khade, kaake laagoon paany, balihaaree guru aapake, govind diyo milaay”
“patthar pooje hari mile, to main poojoo pahaad, ghar kee chaakee koee na pooje, jaako pees khae sansaar”
“maatee kahe kumhaar se, too kya raunde moy, ek din aisa aaega, main raundoongee toy”

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