Guru Ravidas Biography | Raidas Man Changa to Kathoti Mai Ganga

Guru Ravidas Biography


Guru Ravidas Ji one of from few great people who always tried to make the unity of people and aware about the religion with the spiritual power. Ravidas’s students used to call him Satguru or Jagat Guru. He fulfilled the wishes of many people who could come to him such as Meerabai, etc. Ravidas was also known as Raidas.

Ravidas Biography

Childhood of Ravi Das

Ravidas was born at Kashi in 1433. There is a famous couplet about his birth which is 1433
“Magh Sudi Pandras, Dukhiyon Ke Kalyan Pragte Shri, Ravidas’s Father’s name was Rahu, and mother name was karma. The spouse of Ravidas was Lone. Ravidas got most of the knowledge from saints and Satgurus. He used to do work making shoes and he was much dedicated to complete his work on time. He got most of his knowledge under the supervision of Saint Ramanand. Ravidas Ji was kindly and helper to everyone from childhood. Once, when Ravidas got married his father threw him outside of the house because he used to sell shoes without money to his known, then Ravidas started to live in the neighborhood and started working on shoes work with bhajan and kirtan.

There is a famous slogan by Guru Ravidas

” Man Changa to Kathoti Mai Ganga”

There is the story behind it which is: – once upon a time the neighbors of Ravidas were going to bath in Gangas so one of student asks to Ravidas to come with them then guru Ravidas says if I go with you then I will be with you but my mind will be in my work then how God will give me a blessing.

So Ravidas says whatever your mind says to do that do not listen to others. If your mind is working in right place then you will get in blessing in Kathoti also. So this slogan became famous after this story.

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The behavior of Guru Ravidas Ji

Guru Ravidas was a kind and polite person who always used to make understand about the unity that everyone is equal on the Earth nobody belongs to high cast and nobody to lower cast, if the difference is somewhere that’s in thoughts of people because thoughts make different to people then it effects to the whole environment so if people have a positive mindset towards the things then the environment will be also good.

Some famous Dohe of Ravidas Ji

  1. Jati jati Mai jati hai, Jo ketan ke paat. Raidas Manus na Jud sake, jab Tak jati na jaat.


2. Man hi Pooja Man hi Dhoop,

Man hi Sau Sahej Saroop.

3. Tum Kahiyat ho Jagat guru swami.

Hum kahiyat kalyug ke kaami.

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