Ramakrishna Paramhansa Swami Biography | Guru of Vivekanand

 Ramakrishna Swami Biography | Guru of Vivekanand


Ramakrishna Paramhansa was a great thinker and spiritual teacher. He focused on the unity of religion. He always used to believe in God. He used to believe that he can meet God. He spent his most of time in worship of God as well as meditation also. After doing a lot of meditation and worship he got the conclusion that all the religion are true but the way to meet God that’s different only.

Paramhansa Ramakrishna Swami Biography

Early-Stage of Paramhansa Ramakrishna

The saint Ramakrishna was born on 14 February 1834. He used to live in Bengal at Kamarpukur. His childhood name was Gadadhar. Ramakrishna’ Father’s name was Khudiram and his mother was Chandra Devi.

Once the father of Ramakrishna saw a dream that he would have a boy like Lord Gadadhar, this thing was told by Lord Vishnu and his mother also felt.


Ramakrishna’s dad died when he was only 7 years old. He faced a lot of difficulty in childhood but didn’t give up on life. Ramakrishna’s elder brother Ramkumar Chattopadhyay was the operator of a school in Kolkata so he took Ramakrishna towards Kolkata. After doing many efforts also Ramakrishna did not like study.

In 1855 Ramakrishna went to Dakshinashwar Kali Temple because his elder brother Ramkumar was nominated as a primary priest of the temple and after dying the Ramkumar, Ramakrishna was appointed as chief priest of the temple.

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Marry of Swami Ramakrishna

Once spread a rumor that Swami Ramakrishna’s mentality got imbalanced. The elder brother of Ramakrishna, Rameswar, and his mother took the decision to get married to Ramakrishna. They both used to think that if he gets married he will well, and they said if he gets the responsibility of his family then he will leave the spirituality and will be doing good. Ramakrishna told his elder brother and mother that they can get a girl in Jayrambati at the home of Ramchandra Mukharjee. In 1859, 5 years old Shardamani Mukhopadhyay and 23 years old Paramhansa Ramakrishna’s marriage took place. After the marry Shardamani used to leave in Jayrambati and after completing her 18 years she came to Dakshinashwar.

The Arrival of Devotees

As he was becoming older his thoughts starting spread. His temple of Dakshinashwar was full of Devotees and the temple became famous for spirituality. Many knowledgeable people used to come to Paramhansa to get knowledge, and the Vivekananda swami was obediently for Ramakrishna Swami.

The Last Moment and his Diseases

In the last times, he took samadhi, and his body got shanked , when his students used to say about taking care of his body but he always used to leave the topic after laughing. All the students used to call him Thakur. The Vivekananda Swami used to a loved disciple of Ramakrishna so when Ramakrishna was going for meditation on Himalaya, so came to get permission from Paramhansa Ramakrishna but Ramakrishna gave him a work that was Ramakrishna said the people are hunger around us and they are crying no food and place, knowledge which they should have. In this condition will your meditation be successful in Himalaya so Vivekananda did not go to Himalaya he started serving needful things to people.

In last time doctors told him that you have gotten swelling and should take Samadhi and rest with the medicine then the Ramakrishna denied medicine but Vivekananda used to take care of such things.

Death of Paramhansa Ramakrishna

In 1886, he left his body on the first day of September

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