Rajmata Jijau Punyatithi 2021: Know 6 Interesting Facts About Her

Rajmata Jijau Punyatithi 2021: Know the Interesting Facts About Her Life

Rajmata Jijau Punyatithi 2021
Rajmata Jijau Punyatithi 2021

Know special things about the founder of Indian Navy Shivaji Maharaj’s mother Rajmata Jijabai on her death anniversary. Not only the whole of India but the whole world knows about Jijau’s son Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji Maharaj’s son Sambhaji Maharaj also protected his religion and wealth. On the death anniversary of rajmata Jijau, the mother of such a great son, you will know many interesting facts about him.

#Facts No.1

Shivaji’s mother Jijabai was born on 12 January 1598 in the house of Sindkhed Raja in Buldhana district of India. She was married at a young age, her husband’s name was Shahaji Bhosle. Jijabai started giving the knowledge of the book to her child Shivaji Maharaj since childhood. She used to inspire Shivaji from childhood by telling stories of child kings like Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc.

#Facts No.2

When Jijabai’s husband Shahji died, then his wife Jijau had also taken the decision to commit sati once. But later she changed his decision.

#Facts No.3

Jijau’s father Jadhav had a lot of conflict with Jijau’s husband Shahji Raje. And this confrontation turned into a fight. In the end, Jijabai had to decide on whose side she should live, her father’s or her husband’s. Eventually she chose her husband’s side and she turned to Shahaji Raje. But her father befriended the Mughal so that the Mughal could kill the Nizamshahi.

#Facts No.4

Jijabai had a dream that she wanted to establish a separate empire of her own. She did not want the Marathas to remain under any other emperor. Therefore, he prayed to God that he should get a child who could establish the Maratha Empire. One of his two sons, Shivaji Maharaj, founded the Maratha Empire.

#Facts No.5

Jijabai started giving many lessons to her son Shivaji Maharaj since childhood. Shivaji had taken a lot of knowledge from his mother in his childhood. For this reason Shivaji used to give the credit of his every success to his mother Jijabai .

#Facts No.6

Jijau’s dream was to establish a separate empire. So that the Maratha Empire could not remain under anyone. Eventually this happened in 1674 when Shivaji laid the foundation of the Maratha Empire. Shivaji was coronated and exactly 12 days after this Shivaji’s mother Jijabai died.

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