Pros and Cons of Outdoor Game and Indoor Game

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Game and Indoor Game

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Game and Indoor Game
Pros and Cons of Outdoor Game and Indoor Game

What is an outdoor game

Playing outdoor games has its own distinct advantages. Before 2010, outdoor games are played a lot. But after the advent of the Internet, there has been a lot of change in outdoor games. In which the biggest change people have come more in indoor games after 2010. As you know that Outdoor games are more important for your physical. Out door games are those games which are played outside the house.

Some examples of outdoor games are

Like – Kabaddi, Cricket, Football, Pakaram Pakdai, Etc

What are indoor games

Indoor games are games played mostly indoors.
Indoor games are those games that are played indoors. Also, Indoor games have come a long way in the people after the advent of the internet.

Like – Ludo, Carrom., Video game,

What are the Pros of playing outdoor games

Following are the advantages of outdoor games

1- Body and Fitness – Playing outdoor games keeps our body fit and also increases stamina in the body. Playing outdoor games strengthens the body’s muscles and keeps the body dynamic. Is

2- Big Space – Outdoor games are mostly played in big space and players are also needed to play these games, this game is mostly played inside the street or park in cities.

3- Selling Career – You can also choose outdoor game as a career, if you are perfect in any one sport then you can earn fame along with playing these games on nutinol and internol stage

Cons of playing outdoor games

Following are the disadvantages of playing outdoor games

1- Injury can occur – while playing outdoor games, the biggest risk is of injury, because outdoor games are more prone to physical damage.

2-Wheter – Most of the problem in outdoor is of weather, because most of the outdoor games are played outside, due to which many times the game has to be postponed due to weather and many times it has to be canceled even in 2019 The The ongoing International Cricket World Cup had to be canceled

3- Have to work more hard – Playing outdoor games has to work harder, in which the player has to sweat round other

Pros of indoor games

1- Weather Hazard – In indoor game you play at home, in which you do not have the risk of weather that you have to cancel your game due to rain, storm, heat, etc. And you can play anything in indoor game.

2- Risk of Injury Work – Playing indoor games reduces the risk of injury and does not require much effort.

3- Need of work people – In indoor game you do not even need many people, even if you are alone then you can play the game because there are many such games on the internet which can be done alone

Indoor game Cons

1- Artificial Environment – In indoor game you live in a controlled environment due to which you are deprived of the outside environment and you do not get to interact with the outside environment

2- Unfit – If you play other video mobile games in indoor games, due to which you have physical activity, due to which you remain unfit and your body is not dynamic, whose body has many diseases.

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