Propose Day 2021: Valentines Day 2, Quotes, Photos, Gift, Facts, History

Propose Day 2021: Valentines Day 2, Quotes, Photos, Gift, Facts, History

Propose Day 2021: The second day of Valentine’s Day is celebrated as Propose Day. The first day of Valentine’s Day is celebrated as Rose Day in which the couple or those in a relationship celebrate each other by giving them, Rose.

The second day of Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the name of Propose Day, that is, first the rose flower is given, and then it is proposed. Like we told you that there is a very interesting story above Valentine’s Day, you can click on the link below to read it.

Propose Day 2021
Propose Day 2021 | Source: Financial Express

Valentine’s Day 2021: True Story Behind it

There is an interesting fact on Rose Day, you can also read it. The second day, that is, Propose Day is a very curious day, everyone is eagerly waiting for this day. Today we have brought many such quotes for you, which you can give to your friends and propose to them.

So let’s read the quotes without any delay and share them with friends through WhatsApp on Facebook or Twitter. There are also many people who propose by going personally i.e. face to face.

Happy Rose Day 2021
Happy Propose Day 2021 Quotes

Happy Propose Day 2021: Valentines Day 2 – Quotes

# 1. The heart is hard for them,
Stumbles and rests,
Someone captured the heart so much,
The heart is mine but beats for them.

# 2. I need you in these paths,
Lonelies need your hand,
In this world full of happiness, your love is needed.

# 3. Walk some distance with me,
We will tell the whole story,
Do not you understand with eyes
They will say this

# 4. Look at the eyes with the eyes,
Look at us with our hearts,
All the happiness of your life,
We will keep you from expressing love and see.

# 5. Can’t understand the depth of the eyes,
We can’t say anything with lips,
How to tell you this heart-a-hall,
That you are without whom we cannot live.

# 6. Hearts to say something,
Which is scared to say,
Today let’s say Propose Day,
We love you more than Dil-o-Jaan.

# 7. You are having a beautiful evening in Fiza,
You are sparkling in love,
We keep your memories hidden in your chest
Therefore you are another name of my life.

# 8. We will make every piece of land aftab,
Will make every flower of Gulshan rose,
You won’t be able to stay for a moment without us,
We will make all your habits so bad.

# 9. Your smile is our weakness,
It is our helplessness to say no,
Why don’t you understand this emotion,
Is it necessary to give silence to the silenced

# 10.Muscan has no value,
There is no weighing of relationships,
People meet on every road,
But not everyone is precious like you.

# 11. We do not express our love,
Because we are afraid of their yes or no,
If they have done it, then we will die happily,
And if they did not, they would cry.

# 12. What is love, don’t you ask me,
What will you agree to tell me?
There is no use to tell you,
You will know after seeing it.

# 13. Give heart to any one, that too to any noble,
This is not a temple offering,
Who divide each one,
Heart will give any one to any noble,
Until girlfriends are found, they will propose everyone.

# 14. Wanting you is our weakness,
It is our compulsion not to say to you,
Why don’t you understand our silence,
Is it necessary to express love?

# 15.Bankar tera saaya tera saathga
Wherever you go I will come there,
The shadow leaves you in the dark,
But I will become your light in the dark.

# 16. Muktasar is a life I want to live with you,
I do not ask for anything from God.

# 17. All my emotions went…
When you thought for a moment
What will be the result
When you will meet me for ages

# 18. The evil had these eyes
Who sat silently
We were determined to be silent
But this word of infidelity expressed

# 19. I love only two people,
One is my mother who gave birth to me
And the second one who was born to me

# 20. Time of Judgment makes us sleepless ..
Our circumstances force us ..
Just read our eyes once ..
How can we say that we love you very much?

# 21. I want to lose you,
Do you want to cry in your memory?
“As long as there is life… I will be with you…”
Just want to say this to you !!!? 🙂
I love you 😘

# 22. When they are tired of finding my name in their hand lines,
Tilting the head and saying, the lines lie, you are only mine.

# 23. I need you in the silent streets,
My hand is lonely, your hand needs…
Junoon-e-Ishq needs your gift,
I want your life to live ..

# 24. Though dreams are very common,
But do not love dreams,
If you want, we still are today
Just don’t express it ..

# 25. Stones melt even with the heat of love
Support with true heart also changes luck
True Humsafar falls on the path of love,
So no matter how fallen a person is, it is possible.

# 26.A-Haseen confess my rose,
We love you very much,
I no longer care about this age,
We express our love,
You consider foolish or our demonic,
We wait for you every watch.

# 27. You are in the heart,
But I can’t seem to say today,
Memories that have become tales,
I will try my luck by expressing it

# 28. He only remembers them among the three.
They plead to be safe ..
We wait for their love ..
What do they know how much we love them?

# 29. We do not express our “love”,
Because we are afraid of their “yes” or “no”…
If they did “ha” then “I will die happily”.
If “no” is done then “weep and weep”

# 30. That Pagli also did ProPose
I could not say it
He said let’s do ToSs,
HeAd come then you are mine
And when TeLl came, I was yours.

# 31. Love is too much for you,
If I tell you, tell me where
Yes, once you do
In your footsteps, let me spread hope.

# 32. The heart gives you life,
Let all the happiness of life give you,
Give me if you trust me with you,
So believe me, I will give my breath to you
Will you be my valentine?

# 33. I have decorated your name on lips,
I have settled your heart in my heart,
The world will go crazy looking for you,
I have settled in such a corner of my heart.

# 34. Name, what should I do for my passion ..
The restless heart is beginning to suffer ..
What can I say about this departure ..
Which is starting to miss you every moment.

# 35. Flowers continue to bloom in the path of life…
Laughter keeps flashing in your eyes…
You got happiness outside step by step ..
Heart gives this blessing every time you…

# 36. Heart wants to love me for you,
Wants to express his love, 💘
Ever since you have seen my love,
Only your heart wants to make you happy…

# 37. He said what will you do when STATUS is over?
We have also said that by then you will get beaten up.

# 38. Love is never paid
If you fall in love then you are not hidden
Express love in time
Otherwise, love is not expressed after the time

# 39. Will decorate your heart by giving your wishes
Will make you smile by giving your smile
Pledge of love will lift you from the grave
In your body we give all our lives

# 40. whatever you express your love
Just like us we will make you crazy
We will punish you in loneliness
I will wake you up with a smile
Whatever you want to express
We will spend our life waiting for that expression
Whatever you want to express
Just like us we will make you crazy

# 41. This thing has put him in doubt
Maybe so much love will make sense

# 42. I don’t care about my Kal, even Aaj
But the desire to get you, I will stay till Qayamat… 😔

# 43. In the eyes of the world, I LoVe YoU is the best line.
But I LoVe YoU ToO is the best line for me
Because I get to hear LoVe YoU
But I get LoVe YoU ToO fate.

# 44. When you meet, you fall in love
Expresses when eyelashes arise
Don’t know what is wrong
In the wish of our unknown,
Becomes entitled to life

# 45. Look at the girl
Even in his denial
Always fall back on yes
Because girls are used to being late yes

# 46. I want to decorate you with my love
You have to tell me how much you want,
Love of laying in the road,
You have to be taken on a journey of love.

# 47.Dasha was your love
In which we lost
You didn’t even know
When we are yours

# 48.I asked in a hushed voice
You have started loving
Bowing eyes, she said “a lot”.

# 49. Hearing the people of love,
We also saw the dream
What is love
We used to think often
We used to stop our heart from this
But now settle you in this heart
Want to do this account once
This heart wants to love you
Want to express your love

# 50.You came close to me to tell you,
How much do I want to be just you
Promise you are going to be our only
I would like you so much

# 51. Allow us to see the face like the moon,
Allow us to decorate a lovely evening.
Capture us in the trap of your love,
Or allow us to love you

# 52. Love your memories,
Love your eyes
Happiness is in life because of you
I love you so much.

Source: here | These quotes have been taken from the site and translated for your easier.

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