Promise Day 2021: Valentines Day 5, Quotes, Photos, Gift, Facts, History

Promise Day 2021: Valentines Day 5, Quotes, Photos, Gift, Facts, History

Promise Day 2021: Promise Day is the most special day of Valentine’s Day. Promise Day is considered to be the most important day of Valentine’s Day and no one wants to miss it. On this day, lovers and lovers promise each other how they will behave in the future. Valentines Day begins with Rose Day. That is, every year, Valentine’s Day starts on 7 February and ends on 14 February every year. Rose Day on 7 February, Propose Day on 8 February, Chocolate Day on 9 February, Teddy Day on 10 February, and Promise Day on 11 February are celebrated as Promise Day. The 12th will be celebrated as Hug Day, the 13th will be celebrated as the Kiss Day. And 14 February will be celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

Promise Day 2021
Promise Day 2021 | Source: DNA India

The theme of Promise Day 2021

Many people make a lot of promises and promise to their loved ones, but we are unable to fulfill those promises and promises. Friends, there is nothing greater than your loved ones in this world. No matter how much money you earn, happiness cannot come on your face until you are with yourself.

Promise your loved ones on this Promise Day and spend as much time with them as possible to see how much happiness will be on their face and that happiness will be bigger than millions. Today we will know when and why Promise Day is celebrated? Promise Day is 5 days of Valentine’s Day.

Promise Day is celebrated on 11 February, this day is considered very special for everyone. It is not necessary that only the loving couple should celebrate Promise Day i.e. if you make such a promise to your loved ones then you can also fulfill it.

If seen, if you have made a promise to someone and you have fulfilled that promise, then there will be no better gift for him. Nowadays, people from all over the world have become so busy that they are unable to spend time with their loved ones.

But let this constable promise that you will spend not more than one hour every day with him, to see the happiness that will be on the face, nor will it be any more than millions. In today’s modern era, people are changing their thinking.

Valentine’s Day was only for lovers and girlfriends, but today people celebrate it with their family and friends only. But still, the loving lovebirds celebrate this day exclusively. On this day, he promises his partner that he will be wholehearted with them, on this day he promises each other to live and die as well and he promises that he will fulfill this promise.

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