Plastic Pollution For Student For any Class

Plastic Pollution For Student For any Class

Reducing single use plastic pollution: Role of youth, mainstreaming alternative to single use plastic products through Innovation

Plastic Pollution For Student For any Class
Plastic Pollution For Student For any Class

Introduction: Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution has become a serious problem for contaminating our environment. Today we have become so much dependent on things like plastic that it has become an important part of our life. But the way plastic is being used, in this way plastic is very harmful for us. According to a research, about one million sea birds and one lakh sea creatures die every year due to plastic pollution.

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According to a research it was found that 2 million terns of plastic packaging are used every year in the United Kingdom. Today, the faster we are using plastic, the faster we are making our environment dirty. But there are many ways by adopting which we can end the pollution caused by plastic very soon. Every year several million plastic piles are found everywhere. And day by day it is becoming like a mountain.

Not only this, when these plastics are thrown into the sea or go into the sea in some way. Sea water also gets polluted. That is, plastic pollution causes air pollution as well as water pollution. Due to which the creatures living in the sea swallow the plastic even without wanting. And this causes their death. The faster we are using plastic, the faster it is polluting the environment.

Researched Based Facts

According to a research, it will be found that every year about one lakh sea creatures and 1000000 birds living in the sea die due to water pollution, mainly due to plastic being thrown into the water. So far, about 87% of the ocean surface has been polluted due to plastic.

A researcher has told that about 8 to 14 million tons of plastic waste is thrown into our seas every year. The quantity of which is going to increase in the coming time.

A research was done in the world through which it was found out which country has the most plastic pollution. So China came at number one in it. That is, China has the number one place in the world in making plastic pollution. China is a country that spreads the most plastic pollution in the world. The same China is followed by Indonesia Philippines Vietnam Sri Lanka Thailand Egypt Malaysia Nigeria Bangladesh South Africa India etc.

Effects of plastics on the environment

The environment is soon getting polluted due to excessive use of plastic. And it is proving to be dangerous not only for humans but for all the coming generations and also for other animals. People burn plastic, due to which air pollution is playing very fast in the environment. If we leave it in the open then some animals eat it. that cause a disease. By pouring plastic on the ground in excess quantity, the soil becomes fertile.

The impact of plastic in the ocean.

People mostly throw plastics in areas like the sea, due to which it is having a profound effect on sea birds and sea creatures. As mentioned above, according to a research, it was found that several lakhs of sea creatures and sea birds die due to plastic. If it is not corrected, then in the coming time it will prove to be a very dangerous for the earth.

Effects of plastic pollution on animals

Excessive use of plastic also has a profound effect on the animal. Usually pets or animals that roam the streets or streets like this. Due to hunger, he chews the page and comes out straight away. And the foil is not digested so quickly in the stomach, due to which it causes a type of disease in animals. Animals die because of disease.

Human impact of plastic pollution.

The first thing we have to understand is that due to plastic, the life cycle gets disturbed. Because human is also a part of the life cycle, so human also has to suffer a lot from it. Due to fire in plastic, air pollution is caused which causes respiratory diseases to human beings. Because if it becomes a danger to itself in the sea, and if it is seen on the land, then the land ends on fertile. It is a huge factor of harm to human beings in both the ways.

Prevention of Plastic Pollution

For this we have to use minimum amount of plastic. Plastic should not be used where possible. In place of plastic, maximum items should be used which can decompose biologically. Instead of throwing away the plastic, it should be recycled i.e. they should be recycled. Plastic should not be thrown in the open as animals can eat it by throwing it in the open. Plastic should also not be burnt because burning pollutes the air. Plastic should not be seen as much as possible on such areas where there is a river or sea. For this, the barren land should be found by the government in a systematic way so that there is no threat to the fertile land. Keeping all these in mind, plastic should be used only. Because plastic hinders our sustainable development, so it should be used sparingly.

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