National Doctor’s Day 2021 in India: Why, When, How, What is it?

National Doctor’s Day 2021 in India: Theme, History, Dr. Bidhan Chandra, Everything

Every year July 1 is celebrated as National Doctor’s Day in India. Doctor has great importance in our life.

National Doctor's Day 2021 in India
National Doctor’s Day 2021 in India

History of National Doctors Day

There are many reasons behind celebrating National Doctors Day on 1st July. The important reason behind this is that on this day Dr. Bidhan Chandra Rai, who was awarded the Bharat Ratna, was born on July 1, 1882, during the British period. Although he spent his whole life in social service and he always did nothing for his position. And when such a great heroic son of India, when he was given a chance to become in the Union Cabinet in India, he said this and said that I want to serve the society. But Gandhiji loved him because of which he took over as the Chief Minister of Punjab.

When he died on July 1, 1962, Mother Teresa was also very sad at that time. The reason behind this was that Dr. Bidhan Chandra had contributed a lot to the institution of Mother Teresa. Every year 1st July is celebrated as Doctor’s Day to pay respect to the doctors. Every country celebrates a different date as Doctor’s Day. National Doctors Day is celebrated every year in Australia on 30 March. Every 3rd March in Kuwait. On 18 October in Brazil. In Canada on 1st May. It is celebrated on different dates in other countries as well. The purpose of this day is to pay respect to all doctors. And in India it is celebrated every year on 1st July.

Every year in India, July 1 is celebrated as National Doctor’s Day, the main reason for celebrating National Doctor’s Day is on this day i.e. Dr. Bidhan Chandra was born on July 1, 1981. Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was such a social worker who used to donate all his earned income to charity. And always used to put his focus on keeping people healthy. In India, a doctor is considered to be another form of God. The reason for this is that in every situation, doctors are always ready to serve the people.

This year many doctors have sacrificed their lives in the epidemic of coronavirus but they have fulfilled their duty with utmost sincerity. To honor these types of doctors, 1 July 2021 is also celebrated as National Doctors Day. Whenever someone has a disease, the doctor always supports him in that situation.

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