Maharana Pratap Singh Biography | Battle of Haldighati and Diver-Chhapli

Maharana Pratap Singh Biography | Battle of Haldighati and Diver-Chhapli

Maharana Pratap Singh:- Maharana Pratap was a well-known and popular person, he was known as Rana as well who became the 13th king of Mewar. He was located in North Western which is currently Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan. Rana Pratap was awarded Mewari Rana and he fought against the expansion of the Mughal Empire. Some of the fights were so famous such as the Battle of Huldighati and the battle of Dewar. Rana Pratap fought many fights and won most of the time. He used to say he will not lose the Mewar till died. Mughal Emperor Akbar also cried on the death of Maharana Pratap who always tried to defeat him in the fight.

Maharana Pratap
Maharana Pratap

About Maharana Pratap

  • Height – 7 .5 Fit
  • Kawach – 70 Kg
  • Shoes – 10 Kg
  • Sword – 10 Kg
  • Bhala – 80 Kg

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Early-stage of Maharana Pratap

He was born on 9 May 1540, Rana Pratap used to belong to a Hindu Rajput family. Maharana Pratap’s father’s name was Udai Singh who was the second king of Mewar and his mother’s name was Jaiwanta Bai. Maharana Pratap’s had 3 Younger brothers and two stepsisters. Rana Pratap married Ajabde Punwar of Bijolia he had 10 other wives as well and all 11 wives had a total of 11 children.

The successor of Udai Singh

After the death of Udai Singh in 1572 Rani Dheer Singh wanted to make her son the successor of Udai Singh but Maharana Pratap was the eldest son of the Rajput kingdom family and in the last Rana Pratap Singh became the successor of Mewar.

Fight career of Maharana Pratap

  1. Battle of Haldighati:- fight of Haldighati happened in 1567-1568. This was the time when Maharana Pratap had only 3000 soldiers while Mugal Empire Akbar had 7000 to 10,000 soldiers but Rana Pratap still continued in the fight whole one day. The result of this fight was nothing but after seeing the average of soldiers Rana Pratap was a winning person in this war because he had only 3000 soldiers and he was created pressure on Mugal soldiers so they left the war place.
  2. The Battle of Diver-Chhapli:- In this battle Maharana Pratap got him all the kingdoms which were lost earlier so coronal James said it as Mewar ka marathon.

Death of Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was died due to injuries while attacking the tiger in hunting duration this was the time of 19 January 1597. After the death of Rana Pratap, his eldest son Amar Singh was known as the successor of Rana Pratap.

Facts of Maharana Pratap

  1. Maharana cut in two pieces to Behlol Khan in 1 sword who was the supervisor of Akabar soldiers.
  2. Rana Pratap didn’t leave Mewar even he was getting half India
  3. Chetak horse is the most well known horse in the world, Many books have written on this horse.
  4. Chetak jumped 28 feet while cut in the leg and died there.
  5. Rana prataap was known as Veer putra of Bharat as well .


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