Kim Jong Un Trending for his Watch Cost $12000

Kim Jong Un: Watch Cost $12000 Trending, Health or Wealth, Why?

Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un trending for his watch. do you think it is very expensive that’s why Kim Jong Un agent trending for his watch? the matter is totally different.

Kim Jong Un Trending for his Watch Cost $12000
Kim Jong Un Trending for his Watch Cost $12000

As you know that in 2020 suddenly a supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jung on was hidden and was trending. At that time also the reason was that he is well or not. Kim Jung un is also trending today for his health. most of the secret agencies of the nation are observing Kim Jung un.

Watch Cost $12000 Trending, Health or Wealth?

Kim Jong Un is wearing a watch that costs $12000. By the way, the intelligence agency of many countries keeps an eye on Kim Jong Un. But today the matter is different, the one watch he is wearing, it is being speculated that he has become much thinner than before. It is world-famous for its dictatorship. And many people say that what happened to the health of such infamous dictatorship Kim Jong Un. Although the matter has not come out clearly from this, it is being speculated at the moment by looking at a watch and looking at their pictures.

Where can such a dictatorship Kim Jong Un go?

Kim Jong Un disappeared last year as well and many intelligence agencies and others speculated as to how and where it might go. Because the dictator of North Korea does not afraid of anyone in their country, but their whole country is afraid of their footsteps. This type of case was also seen in the last year.

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Many people gave their opinion on this as follows. He said that Kim Jong Un’s health is deteriorating day by day and he is not coming forward to take care of health-related things. By the way, the news of Kim Jong Un keeps coming to the fore regarding his health. But this case was made only by looking at his watch which is a watch of $12000. He was wearing it in his hand. Due to which he looked thinner than before.

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