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Kareena Kapoor Khan with Nora Fatehi On WWW

Kareena Kapoor Khan with Nora Fatehi On WWW: After this pandemic time, B-town has become one of the most curious place to discover. Today, Our NORA FATEHI was in interview with KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN on her show “What Women Want?” They were having a cute time of wise words with each other. During the show Nora got some emotional instincts related to her career.  Nora was describing her career and efforts to make her career more bright.

Kareena Kapoor Khan with Nora Fatehi
Kareena Kapoor Khan with Nora Fatehi | From: Book My Show

Kareena Kapoor Khan with Nora Fatehi On WWW


Kareena kapoor Khan asked her about how hard she breaked her home stereotypes in the first step of career means how had she come to India? Nora replies, “you know i think there comes a point in everybody’s life. Where you start searching for your calling. Where you are meant to do? I found myself knowing what my calling is at a very young age and I always found myself going in the direction of entertainment, performance, the art of entertainment. I connected with India and the culture.

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And the idea of assimilating to the environment here very easily, So, coming to India Despite not knowing anybody. despite not having friends and Family here and Even my mom screaming at me on the phone saying Are you crazy? You can’t travel alone? and all” she was having some common girl symptoms like life but she wanted to change her life 

Nora does not have Indian gene but has Indian genre but specific etiquette of mixed style of some and moroccan. Mrs. khan is also one of the Fan of Nora. Which was so honourable moment for Nora and for her fans. Gradually B-town is changing her personality towards Nepotism and other stereotypes.

Nora about breaking stereotypes

Kareena Kapoor Khan, Nora Fatehi On WWW
Kareena Kapoor Khan, Nora Fatehi On WWW | DNA india

And in some next questions k3 asks about her views on her songs and asked how she came over this? how did she find her failures as stairs to go to her success room. Nora says, “It’s Mixed emotions. So many emotions have rushed through my head. I feel a lot of happiness, I feel motivation to do more because you see it happening. you see the results happening. So, it gives you that drive to keep moving forward. I also feel a sense of excitement because I know that somewhere this will be someone else’s inspiration.

When Kareena asks her a question like ,”Now i want to know what has been your worst experience in this industry and how did you handle that?” Nora replies,” Well, it must be the stereotyping I think that is very complicated to manoeuvre because I’ve had many people who tried to get me into a film or a song or convince filmmakers to trust my skill. But it never happened until I spoke up for myself.

And then once you convince them, when you land up on set you need to convince them with your skill.” And then some stereotypes happen but with luck. Some sufficiently educated people understand this and give chance and now this is to be your real card for the game of career of any person. Actually, restrictions are just like a filter to go through with the faithful effort which is the real key of success. Then she told me that stereotyping is breaking through the efforts and results.

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