John Cena Biography | John Cena WWE, Wrestling, WWE John Cena, Belt

John Cena Biography | John Cena WWE, Wrestling, WWE John Cena, Belt


Today, the wrestler to talk to, he likes not only big people but also children, his name is John Cena, let me tell you that his real name is John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. Yes, we know John John Cena but we do not know about the difficult situations before he becomes such a power full wrestler. John Cena at one time used to clean the money in the gym. But what happened later that made him a wrestler.

John Cena Biography
John Cena Biography
  • Real Name: John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.
  • Ring Name: John Cena
  • Born: 23 April 1977
  • Height: 1.86 m
  • Weight: 114 kg
  • Net Worth $60 million
  • Spouse(s): Elizabeth Huberdeau

John Cena Biography

John Cena was born on 23 April 1977 in West Navarre. When John Cena went to school, some people beat him and some used to tease him and he was a very weak and straight type boy in childhood. But later he had a lot of interest in sports, he also started doing gym, in a few years, he had built a very good body. After college, he wanted to follow the path of bodybuilding and he also wanted to come to California. But his father did not want John Cena to wrestle, so Cena thought of leaving Khar, and one day he escaped leaving Khar and with some money, he came to California.

When some money was spent, he had to tell the story of real life. Then John thought of doing some work and later he got a job to clean the toilet in the gym. And at night he also worked for a company driving cars. But he started building his body. One day, seeing John Cena’s body, a wrestler advised him to participate in Ultimate Pro Wrestling.

John Cena Biography

He started doing hard work for wrestling as he said and started calling Cena the prototype at that time. John proved himself to be the best wrestler and he named the heavyweight championship in 1999, after which he won the heavyweight championship once more, and people started to think that John had to grow up in life.

Seeing John as a good performer in wrestling, he was selected in WWE. John Cena won the attention of the people by defeating big wrestlers like Big Show in WWE. After Big Show, UMAGA was defeated by no one but John defeated UMAGA and started liking Fan Cena a lot in WWE.

WWE john cena Biography
WWE John Cena Biography

John has defeated many big wrestlers and has earned a name in the whole country by defeating big wrestlers like Randy Orton, Roman Reign, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar.

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John Cena Real Name

John Cena’s real name John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. Is and at this time most people know her as John Cena. No one will even know this name, before speaking the longer name, he would prefer to say, John Cena.

John Cena First WWE Match

John’s first match was a Smack

Down match with Kurt Angle.

John Cena Workout

  1. John Cena does a workout every day
  2. Legs and claves
  3. Chest
  4. Arm
  5. shoulder
  6. Back

Friends, if you also want to workout like John Cena, then please comment below.


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