Israel and Palestine Conflict: Know Everything in Detail

Israel and Palestine Conflict: History, Political Relation, National and International Relation

Israel and Palestine Conflict:
Israel and Palestine Conflict | Credit: imwpost

The current Prime Minister of Israel is Naftali Bennett, which is a coalition government. Before this, there was the government of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, who held the post of Prime Minister for 12 years in Israel. The issue of Israel-Palestine is always in discussion. Today we will tell you everything about it in detail. How was Hamas born, and what is Hamas related to Israel? There is always a dispute about the capital of Israel, we will also tell you about it. How is Israel related to their neighboring countries Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon. Which religion people live in Israel and what is the situation there.

Political Situation in Israel

There are 120 members in the Political Party of Israel. One member was absent in the 2021 prime ministerial election. 59 members were in favor of Benjamin Netanyahu while 60 members were in favor of Naftali Bennett. Due to which Naftali Bennett became the Prime Minister of Israel due to more than one side. Let us tell you that the Naftali Bennett is a coalition government. When he became the Prime Minister of Isrfael, he had promised to take everyone along.

How was Hamas born, and what is Hamas related to Israel

Hamas is an Islamic extremist organization created to establish the Islamic religion. Its goal is to establish Islamic religion in Israel. Israel and Palestine disputes continue near Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Jews also have their own holy temple near the separate Al-Aqsa Mosque. And here the debate of a mosque and temple also always remains. The Prime Minister of Israel is always stationed there to provide security to the Jewish temple.

When Hamas was formed, it had made a charter of its own whose purpose was to end Israel. But in 2017 Hamas has made some changes in its Charter, but not the purpose.

Hamas is an extremist Islamic organization whose goal is only to destroy Israel. This organization was formed in 1987. It was established when Israel occupied the West bank and Gaza Strip. Hamas has also entered Israeli politics, which started in 2005.

The question is who is funding Hamas. According to sources, Qatar is funding Hamas and so far it has given $ 1.8 billion. Qatar is seen in front of the world from the point of view of promoting terrorist activities. Many Arab countries have also broken ties with them. Yes sure some countries broke trade ties with them

Which religion people live in Israel and what is the situation there.

Israel is a country where Judaism is in the majority. That’s why Israel considers itself a country of Jews. By the way, Judaism, Islamic religion and Christianity are included in Israel.

Israel is always a target of Palestine. Hamas is an Islamic extremist organization that is always bent on destroying Israel and its only goal is to establish Islamic religion. Because they have not recognized Israel as a country. Arab countries have always supported Palestine. And many Islamic countries also support Palestine. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan always makes such a tweet which is against Israel. And he always condemns Israel’s force.

Dispute about the Capital of Israel

Discussions about the capitals of Israel are always in the headlines. Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital. While others call Tel Aviv-Yafo the capital of Israel. Donald Trump had also declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel while staying in his post. But many Muslim countries came out against this policy, they called Trump’s decision wrong and said that it can promote quarrel. Even Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, France, China, Russia, Britain, criticized Trump’s decision.

International border of Israel

If Israel is seen in the world map, then Israel’s border with many countries along the sea is as follows. Israel meets its border with Lebanon in the north. The Golan Height and Syria are bordered in the north-west. The eastern part of Israel’s border meets the West Bank and Jordan. The southwestern part of Israel is bordered by the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

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