International Lefthanders Day 2021: Theme, History, Celebrated on 13 Aug

International Lefthanders Day 2021

Every year 13 August is celebrated as International Lefthanders Day all over the world, this time this day is celebrated on 13 August in 2021.

Let us tell you that this day is celebrated for about 10 percent of the people of the world who use their left hand rather than right. While doing any work, most of the people you use your right hand while some people use your opposite hand when they say food, water is beaten, they use their opposite hand while writing. Although they are not seen very well in Indian society, but now its definition has started changing. The purpose of celebrating this day is to remove the inferiority complex from the minds of those who work with the left hand.

When did Left Handers Day begin?

Do you know that Dean R Campbell celebrated for the first time in the year 1976, after that it started being celebrated all over the world as you know. At the same time, on August 13, 1992, for the first time any program was organized by the Left Handers Club, its purpose was to make the left handers aware of its advantages and disadvantages. So that people take it in a positive way and celebrate it. Since then, we celebrate this day on August 13 and the hashtag #InternationalLefthandersDay is trending.

International Lefthanders Day 2021 History

The world’s first International Left Handers Day was celebrated on 13 August 1992. The purpose of celebrating this day was to celebrate this unique quality inside the left handers as well as to make people aware about its advantages and disadvantages.

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Why is International Left Handers Day celebrated?

People all over the world have to be made aware that left handers are in no way different from right handers. They can do all their work with the same ease as right handers.

How to Celebrate International Lefthanders Day

If you also want to celebrate this day, then you can do many types of activities on this day like left hand parties, left vs right sport matches, such fun games which have to be played with left hand only. In this way you celebrate this day well.

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