Indonesian Independence Day 2021 | 76th Indonesian Independence Day

Indonesian Independence Day 2021 | 76th Indonesian Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated with great pomp. This year Indonesianis celebrating the 74th Independence Day. Apart from Indonesian, some other countries also got independence on 17 th August. These countries also celebrate Independence Day on 17 August with great pomp.

Indonesian Independence Day 2021
Indonesian Independence Day 2021

When is Indonesian Independence Day 2021?

It is Indonesia’s National Independence Day, just as India’s Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August, in the same way, Indonesia’s National Day is celebrated on 17 August, always celebrated on 17 August, it is Indonesia’s national day and in 1945 Symbolizes Indonesia’s declaration of independence from the Netherlands.

India Independence Day and Indonesian Independence Day History

You must have heard about Akhand Bharat. In ancient times, Indonesia was also a part of Akhand Bharat. The evidence of which is clearly found in the history of Indonesia. According to the history of Indonesia, there were basically followers of Hinduism and Buddhism in Indonesia. But in the 8th century, the attraction of Muslim traders to Indonesia increased and their numbers started increasing here.

Traders from outside expanded their religion here by marrying local women of Indonesia. This is the reason that today most of the population here is Muslim. Although despite this, this country is still associated with Hindu tradition, Indonesia’s Ramayana is the best Ramayana in the world. People of this country believe that Islam is their religion but Ramayana is their culture. The whole world should probably learn from a country with such sentiments

Special things about Independence

Indonesia is full of natural beauty. Indonesia is the second largest country in the world in biological diversity after Brazil. Indonesia is the largest producer of nutmeg in the world, not only this, more than 150 mammals, more than 500 birds and more than 2000 species of Orgidus are found in Indonesia. Indonesia is home to the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon. (Happy Indonesian Independence Day 2021) The species of rhino of Java is also found only in Indonesia. The world’s largest flower Raphaelia arnoli is also found only in Indonesia.

Happy Indonesian Independence Day 2021!

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