How to Earn Money by Blogging | Step by Step Guide

How to Earn Money by Blogging: Learn Step by Step Guide

Do you want to know how to earn money by blogging, so this article is for you. Let’s learn blogging step by step. But before diving into blogging, first, we should know how much money, we can earn by blogging. Blogging is self-work, where you write those types of content, which are simple and full of interesting knowledge. You can become professional Bloggers like Amit Agrawal, Harsh Agrawal, Faisal Farooqui, Shradha Sharma, Varun Krishnan, etc.

How to Earn Money by Blogging
How to Earn Money by Blogging

See Full Chart of Bloggers and their earning

S. No. Blogger Blog Earnings/month ($)
1 Amit Agrawal 60000
2 Harsh Agrawal 52434
3 Faisal Farooqui 50000
4 Shradha Sharma 30000
5 Varun Krishnan 22000
6 Srinivas Tamada 20000
7 Ashish Sinha 18000
8 Arun Prabhudesai 15000
9 Jaspal Singh 8000
10 Amit Bhawani 14115

This list is taken from the Net, Source: Here

How to Earn Money by Blogging?

There are plenty of proven earning methods to make money with blogging. Let’s know in detail about how to earn money by blogging.

1. Monetization with Adsense

In the digital era, most professional bloggers are taking money thousands, lakhs, millions of from Google Adsense. Putting Google Ads on Your Website is not a tough task, first of all, you need to compile your website with the Google Adsense Policy. If You are new to Blogging, or Google Adsense. Don’t worry this is not a tough task.

Recommendation for You to take Google Adsense Approval

2. Affiliate Marketing on Blogger

Professional Bloggers like affiliate Marketing, because of affiliate marketing, a blogger can earn millions of passive income. It is a good source for all bloggers to earn money online with the affiliate marketing strategy. You can join many official affiliate program, such as ShareASale Affiliates, Amazon Associates, eBay Partners, Shopify Affiliate Program, Solvid Affiliate, Clickbank, Rakuten Marketing Affiliates, CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program

3. Sell Ads on Blogger

If you are earning with Google AdSense, affiliate marketing but want to earn more. So, this is right for you to sell ads on your website. As mostly Professional Blogger uses the WordPress, which help Bloggers to customize website easily. There are plenty of Plugins for sell ads on Blogger, You can use any AdSanity to sell ads on Blogger, it will help to make money from your WordPress blogger.

Note: AdSanity  is a WordPress Plugins

4. Guest Posting on Blogger

This is also a great medium to earn money online. If you have a reputed blogger, or you are getting a lot of traffic on your website. This is a great medium to earn money online. You can give a section to contact for Guest Posting. Definitely, This is an extra method to earn money online.

5. Sell Products on Bloggers

If you have a WordPress Blogger website, then you are near to sell products on your website. First of all, you need to make your website in a manner, where you can sell products on your website. For selling products, you need to work on your website SEO, so that it can rank highly, which will help to bring more traffic to your website. Again More Traffic More Sales.

6. Sell Ebooks on Blogger

If you are the best ebook creator, well and good. You can sell it on your Blogger. Here your earnings depend on your sales. But you can increase your sales by bringing more traffic to your blogger.

7. Sell Online Courses on Blogger

In this digital era, Most people are taking an interest to purchase courses online rather than taking classes offline. Here you have an opportunity to sell online courses on your blogger. You can contact the main owner of the course, ask for selling on your blogger. They will access you to sell online courses on Blogger, You will get pay accordingly.

Otherwise, you can make your own online course according to your expertise.

BonusList of Online Tuition for Earning Money Online 2021

8. Host a Paid Webinar

If you are a reputed person, or you have an audience who takes interest in you to earn money online. So, it is good for you to host a paid Webinar on your Blogger. Blogging can attract, if you provide value to them, they will definitely come to you to learn a lot with your paid webinar. Always take care of Blogger with valuable content.

9. Offer Freelance Services on Blogger

If you are a professional blogger, you can recommend to your users freelancing services. Most of the users are seeking a great freelancer, But if you provide value in your content. Users will like you and you will definitely earn money. You can make a poster or banner with your talent, and paste it on your blogger. It will help you to make money on your blogger.

 10. Start Your Own Consulting Business

If you are running a blogger, and you have good experiences in Business, you can start your own consulting business. On the basis of your blog niche and talent, you should start your own consulting business. By Using Blogger, you can grab your audience, As most of the doctors are running bloggers and they have started their own consulting business.

11. Make Your YouTube Channel Popular

If you are professional Bloggers, and deciding to start your own youtube channel, this is a good opportunity to start your youtube channel. You can write blog content similar to youtube videos. You should embed youtube videos with your content. It will help in SEO, Also people will watch your YouTube Videos on Your Blogger. Simultaneously, Your watch hours will improve.

Bonus: How to Earn Money from YouTube 2021 | Definitive Guide

12. Sell WordPress Items on Blogger

This is very nice practice to earn money, If you have good knowledge of coding and designing. So you can make start selling WordPress Theme, WordPress Plugins, etc, On Your Website. It will also help you to earn money. This is a perfect earning source for those bloggers who are developers or designers.


Who is the father of blogging in India?

Ans. Amit Aggarwal is the father of blogging in India. His earning is approximately 60, 000 USD per month.

How do bloggers make money?

Ans. This article is all about making money online.

Who is the highest payee blogger in the world?

Ans. According to the Target Internet, HuffPost is the most earning blogging website in the world. It earns almost $500 million per year.

What is Blogger?

Ans. Blogger is a platform provided by google with absolutely free hosting and free domina, such as It is good if you going to earn with Adsense.

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