History of 6th August: Hiroshima Day, World Breastfeeding Day

History of 6th August: Hiroshima Day, World Breastfeeding Day

History of 6th August
History of 6th August

Today we will know the history of 6th August. Every day has its own importance, some slavery of every day has been recorded in history.

Today we will know which events happened in our history on 6th August.  For your information, let us tell you that according to the calendar we use at the international level, 6th August is 218 days of the year and if the year is a leap year then it is the 219th day of the year.

Very Important Events of 6th August

1914: On this day i.e. in 1914 war was declared by Austria against Russia. No one can forget this date in history

1945: On this day the US dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, which is one of the most important events in history.

2001: On this day i.e. on August 6, 2001, an economic agreement was signed between India and Australia. It was a bilateral economic agreement that was signed between the two countries.

2002: When tension started between India and Pakistan on 6th August 2002 and a fighting atmosphere was created.

Then Australia had called back its citizens from Pakistan to their country.

Important people born on 6th August.

1959: Rajendra Singh was born on this day i.e. on 6th August 1959, who was a famous environmental activist of India.

1921: In 1921, KM Chandi, a freedom fighter and former governor of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, was born.

1915: And the fifth Lok Sabha Speaker of India, Gurudayal Singh Dhillon, who was born in 1915 on 6 August.

1937: AG Kripal Singh, who is a famous cricketer of India, was born in 1937 on 6th August i.e. on this day.

For your information, let me tell you that in the week of August 6, that is, two important days also celebrated in this week. The first is World Breastfeeding Day which celebrated throughout the week and the second is Hiroshima Day because on this day the first atomic bomb dropped in Japan.

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