Gautama Buddha Bio: How to became Mahatma Buddh Life Journey

Gautama Buddha Bio: How to became Mahatma Buddh Life Journey

As everyone knows about the Mahatma Buddh as well as he is the founder of Bushism. He was born on 563 before cheristanity. Mahatma buddh was a sarman. All the Bushism people believe in the education which was written by Mahatma Buddh.

Gautama Buddha Bio
Gautama Buddha Bio

Childhood of Mahatma Buddh

The birthplace of Buddh is Lumbni which is in Nepal currently. His childhood name was Siddharth . Sidhath’ s father name was Shushodhan and mother was Maya Devi, who died after 7 days of sidhath delivery so he was rearing post by Gautmi who was the sister of Maya Devi. When Siddharth was born then priest expected that sidharth will become a Maharaja or a great man as well as priest told the mean of Sidhath was he has to earn ” siddhi “. He was a politely person from his childhood because one he participated in horse race so when horse felt tired during race sidharth left it in middle of race and lost the game. In daily life game’s also he used give chance to others to win.

Education of Mahatma Buddha

He learnt Vedas, war education, wrestling, and other skills from Vishwamitra. He was well skilled in horse race and wrestling, nobody was able to lose him in a horse race.

Married life of Mahatma Buddha

Sidharth got married to Yashodhara at the age of 16. Sidharth started to live in the home of his wife’s father. After few years Yashodhara delivers a boy who was Rahul but after this, he went into quietness and he left his home for the meditation.

Quietness of Sidharth or Mahatma Buddh

When he was about to go then king Shudodhan built there monuments and some helper to him but sidharth was not likely to satisfied from them because he wanted a quitplace for meditation not the facilities for life. Once sidharth went outside of his beach and he saw that 1 person was going through the road and who had a stick in hand , white hairs and whole body was shrined. When sidharth went outside of his beach at second time the he saw a person who was suffering from illnesses and was as lazy. Similarly he saw third activity which forced holim to think about the life. The last activy was fourth one which was as a person was walking on road and he was saint who had no illness, no tension, no lazybones which attached sidharth towards saint and the saint inspired to sidharth.

Attainment of Knowledge

In starting period the first teacher of Buddha was Aalar Kalam. Sidharth learnt about meditation from Salary Kalam. Gautam Buddh was doing the meditation in Bodh Gaya. He broke his fast from the hand of a Sujata, Mahatma Buddh realized that with having fast he cannot survive much so he broke his fast. When Sujata helped to break the fast then Buddh blessed to sujatab for a boy and After some this blessing became truth so one day Sujata came with to do the worship of Mahatma Buddh and she said as you blessed me and I got a boy then Sujata also blessed to Buddha that God will fulfill your all the wishes. So this night became successful to Buddh he attained the knowledge. After this day sidharth was known as Mahatma Buddh and the tree was known as ” Bodhibraksh ” where sidharth used to sit for meditation.

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