Gautam Buddha Purnima 2021: History, Quotes, & Status

Gautam Buddha Purnima 2021

Gautam Buddha Purnima 2021: Today is 26 May and Gautam Buddha Purnima is being celebrated everywhere. According to the belief of Hinduism and Buddhism, Gautama Buddha was born on this day and on this day he attained enlightenment under the tree. Every year Gautam Buddha Purnima is celebrated with great pomp. Gautam Budh Purnima is celebrated with great pomp not only in India but all over the world. Today is a very special day for the people of Buddhism. According to the Hindi calendar, Gautam Buddha Purnima falls every year on Vaishakh Purnima.

Gautam Buddha Purnima 2021
Gautam Buddha Purnima 2021 | Credit:timesnownews

History of Gautama Buddha

Gautam Buddha was born 563 years ago, his father’s name was Shuddhodhan and his mother’s name was Mayadevi. In his childhood, he used to think only to get people salvation. In childhood, he also performed the duty of being the son of his parents. After this, he got married to Princess Yashodhara and later he had a son named Rahul. There came a time when he decided that I will remain free from salvation to the people. He left the house to save people. After trying many times, he finally attained enlightenment under a tree. After the attainment of knowledge, he was named after Siddhartha and read Gautam Buddha. Then the number of people started to adopt their religion. And today Gautam Buddha is celebrated with great pomp all over the world.

In 2021, due to coronavirus, Gautam Buddha Purnima will be celebrated at home.

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Precious Thoughts of Gautam Buddha

One moment can change one day, one day can change one life, and one life can change this world.

Anger can be won with love, evil with good, selfish with benevolence, and a liar with truth.

The person whose mind is calm, the person who remains calm while speaking and doing his work, is the person who has achieved the truth and who is free from suffering.

The person who lives his life wisely is not afraid of death either.

The ignorant man is like a bull. He grows in size, not in knowledge.

Keeping anger angry is like being caught with the intention of throwing hot coal on someone else, you are the one who burns in it.

Burning in the fire of jealousy and hate, happiness and laughter cannot be permanent in this world. If you are immersed in darkness, why don’t you look for light.

A waking person feels very long at night, a tired person sees the floor very far. In the same way, the process of life-death for fools unaware of true religion is equally long.

Surely those who remain free from resentful thoughts find peace in life.

Do not focus in the past, nor dream for the future, but rather focus your mind in the present moment.

Gautam Buddha quotes

Just as the edge of a soft thing like grass injures your hand if you are careless, similarly a mistake in recognizing the true nature of religion can lead you to the door of hell.

Evil must remain, only then can goodness prove its purity over it.

A foolish person, living with a sensible person, does not see the truth in his whole life in the same way that a spoon cannot enjoy the taste of soup.

Being a parent is a very pleasant experience. It is a pleasure to live life with enthusiasm and mastering oneself.

To stay away from evils, develop goodness and fill your mind with good thoughts.

It is a duty to keep the body in good health, otherwise we will not be able to keep our mind strong and clean.

The path is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.

The way soil falls in the sky, it falls on the mouth, in the same way when foolish people try to do bad things to good people, they have their own bad.

Always remember that a bad act is like a burden on your mind.

Gautam Buddha Quotes in English

The person who loves 50 people has 50 reasons to be happy. He who does not love anyone has no reason to be happy.

The waterfall is very noisy, but the ocean is deep and calm.

To do work that is painful in the present, but happiness in the future, it requires a lot of practice to do it.

Knowledge is born of meditation and knowledge is lost without meditation. Therefore, knowing this double path of attainment and loss of knowledge, one should cultivate himself in such a way so that there is an increase in knowledge.

Do not look at the faults of other people nor their faults, instead look at your own actions to see what you have done and what is yet to be done.

Loneliness brings happiness to a person who is Santoshi who has heard about religion and has seen it clearly.

How can happiness and laughter be permanent in this world, burning in the fire of jealousy and hate? If you are immersed in darkness, why not look for light?

Those who do not seek the truth, have lost the real purpose of living life.

I never see what has been done, I only see what is left to do.

Gautam Buddha quotes for Motivation

No person can learn anything by speaking too much. A sensible person is called the one who is patient, non-angry and fearless.

A generous heart, kind voice, and a life of service and compassion are the things that renew humanity.

The habit of doubt is the most dangerous. Doubt separates people. It ruins two good friends and any good relationship.

The mind is above all mental states.

If you do not find a good companion, then walk alone, like an elephant that roams alone in the forest. It is better to be alone than with those who hinder your progress.

Three things cannot hide for long: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

It is far better to live sensibly for even one day in life, instead of doing meditation without meditating for a thousand years.

Bandhan is the root of all sorrows.

Words have both powers to destroy and to heal. When words are true and kind they can change our lives.

Gautam Buddha Quotes for Inspiration

You are not punished for your anger, you are punished by your anger.

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, a human being cannot live without a spiritual life.

The real happiness is not in getting everything, it is in giving everything.

As soon as we become angry on something, we leave the path of truth and start trying for ourselves.

Every human being is the author of his health or illness.

Always travel with people smarter than yourself, it is better to travel alone than to travel with fools.

He insulted me, tortured me, robbed me ‘- people who keep complaining about these things all their life, they are never able to stay in peace. Relaxed people are the ones who lift themselves above these things.

The mind is everything, you become what you think.

Gautam Buddha staus for whatsapp

Just as a storm does not move a strong stone, great men are not affected by praise or criticism.

There is no distinction between east and west in the sky, people give birth to discrimination in their mind and then start believing that this is true.

A person with a distracted mind is swept away to death in the same way that the sleeping people of the village are swept away in a sudden flood.

True love arises out of understanding.

Every day is a new day no matter how difficult yesterday was. You can always make a fresh start.

If you do not appreciate the things that you have, then you will never get happiness.

All individuals are afraid of punishment, all are afraid of death. Treat other people as yourself, do not kill any creature yourself and refuse others to do the same.

Your job is to find the work of your choice. Find him and then put yourself fully into that work. This is the path to success.

Health is the greatest gift, satisfaction is the greatest asset and loyalty is the best relationship.

If you light a lamp for someone else, it also brightens your path.

Even your greatest enemy cannot harm you as much as your uncontrolled thoughts do.

You are as much entitled to your love and affection as any other person in this world.

Gautam Buddha thoughts

All evil actions arise due to the mind. If the mind is changed, can unethical acts remain?

To stay away from all evils, develop goodness and keep good thoughts in your mind – this is what the Buddha tells you.

What we do today is what matters most in life.

The person who remains happy in a small amount of happiness is with him only.

A person can make two mistakes while walking on the path of truth. One, do not go the whole way and second, do not even start it.

As long as the thoughts of resentment are nurtured in your mind, your anger will also remain. But as soon as you forget the wretches of resentment, your anger will disappear as well.

Those who are free from disturbing thoughts, they get peace.

Even if you read or speak all the holy words, what good will they do you until you use them?

Just as a solid rock remains stable even in a storm, similarly intelligent people are not affected by praise or blame.

Wishes never end. If one of your wishes is fulfilled, then another wish is born immediately.

If a person is able to see a great happiness by giving up some rest, then a sensible person should leave a little rest and achieve great happiness.

If you can solve the problem, then why worry? And if there is no solution to the problem, then there is no use for worrying either.

In this dark world, I am playing the drums of immortality.

A person doing evil deeds mourns in this world, he also mourns in the next birth. He mourns both. He sinks in grief when he sees the evil of his work.

The world does not know that we all have to end here. But those who know this truth, all their quarrels end in one go.

Without faith, you cannot reach anywhere, so if you want to get religion, then faith is very important.

The whole secret of existence is to be free from fear. Never fear what will happen to you. Do not depend on anyone. The moment you refuse all help, you are free.

The person who seeks only pleasures in life, whose senses are unrestrained, who lives to eat, is lazy and weak. Greed makes him fall, just as a storm topples a weak tree.

A person who can handle his anger when angry is like a skilled driver who manages a fast running vehicle and who cannot do so, they just sit in their seat waiting for the accident. .

All bad actions happen because of the mind. What can be a bad act if you change your mind?

If the person makes a mistake, try not to repeat it. Do not try to find joy in it, because being immersed in evil invites sorrow.

The tongue is like a sharp knife, it kills without drawing blood.

The one who concentrates his mind is able to see things in their true form.

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