Gautam Adani Birthday 2021: Poor to Rich Fantastic Story – Must Read

Gautam Adani Birthday 2021: How he became a Rich man of India

Gautam Adani Birthday 2021: It will be celebrated on 24 June 2021 on Thursday. Know about him Interesting Facts.

Gautam Adani Birthday 2021
Gautam Adani Birthday 2021

Gautam Adani is a very big businessman of India and he was born on 24 June 1962 in Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat. His father’s name was Shantilal Adani and mother’s name was Shantaben Adani. It is known to the whole world that Gautam Adani is a very big billionaire today. But he was not a billionaire from the beginning, but he belongs to a middle class family, his life only interesting secrets, listening to which you will be inspired. Today, on his birthday, you will know such interesting facts that you have rarely heard.

The Adani Group, which is known to the whole world today, had worked for about 2 years in a company named Diamond Short Mahindra in the early part of his life.

Gautam Adani has seven siblings. Due to the bad condition of the house, he left midway while studying B.Com. Because running the house also became a responsibility for him, which he thought it right to fulfill and that is why he stopped his studies midway.

Malay Mahadeviya, a childhood friend of removal or always lived with Advani. Malay Mahadeviya had a childhood friend and used to make Adani sit on his scooter. Later on, Adani also made him his business partner.

Adani was married to Preeti who is an dentist professional but at present she is also the head of Adani Foundation. They have two children, one is karan and Jeet. Adani has grown very quickly, he bought the Beechcraft jet in 2005 and the Hawker Jet in 2008. At present, Adani runs India’s most expensive export company. Recently, he had announced to go to UP and invest about 3,500 crore rupees in Uttar Pradesh.

In the stock market, their shares are always in a boom. At this time a lot of controversies keep going on about Adani. Gautam Adani is always in news headlines.

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