Follow these 6 Ayurvedic Rules from March to June, diseases will remain far away

Follow these 6 Ayurvedic Rules from March to June, diseases will remain far away

SpringRead this article to know in detail.

Generally, the spring season starts from the month of March and ends in June, this season is very important in terms of health and is very pleasant. According to Ayurvedic expert Dr. Aishwarya Santosh, the spring season is known as the ‘Kapha season’ because of the increase of Kapha dosha in the body. This is due to the increasing heat of the Sun. Therefore, symptoms like allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis are seen more in this season. If you want to avoid these symptoms, then you can follow these 6 Ayurvedic tips.

1. Exercise daily Make

it is mandatory for yourself to exercise in the spring. Exercising helps to balance Kapha in the body. This increases the digestive fire of the body.

2. Drink ginger tea

; Ginger is hot and dry in nature. This also helps in balancing the Kapha in the body. Therefore, it is best to drink ginger tea in the spring.

3. Wake up early

in the morning Try to get up early in the morning or get up before sunrise to avoid the Kafa time of the day. Sleep and Kapha have similar properties, so when we sleep till the morning Kapha time which is after sunrise, the Kapha level inside our body automatically increases.

4. Dry massage

your body with dry massage powder. Udvartanam camphor helps in reducing the Kapha level of the whole body. For example, you can massage the body with kulatha churna powder.

5. Diet

Do not eat too heavy, cold, sour, and sweet food. Eat light food, eat only cooked and hot food. Avoid eating ice or very cold things. Avoid consuming old barley, rice, and wheat.

6. Do not sleep

during the day Do not sleep during the spring season. Sleeping during the day increases the phlegm level and this leads to the problem of indigestion. There is also a lot of difficulty in digesting food.

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