12 Facts of America: The Amazing Facts of America

Must Read the 12 Facts of America: The Amazing Facts of America

12 Facts of America: If you want to know about America. So in this post you will know such things related to America, which will increase your desire and interest greatly.

12 Facts of America: The Amazing Facts of America
12 Facts of America: The Amazing Facts of America

This article is for all those readers who want to know many unknown and interesting facts about America. America is a developed country and most of the rich people live here. The currency of America is accepted as an universal and today we will know many interesting facts related to America.

#Fact No. 1

The name of the current President of America is Joe Biden. Just like in India the government gets the Parliament House to live in, similarly in America the President gets the White House to live in. The White House is located in Washington DC and has 132 rooms.

#Fact No.2

It is a kind of assumption that only rich and popular people comes on TV. According to a data, 25% of America’s people have come on TV.

#Fact No.3

Everyone knows this thing that one has to go out of the house to work. But one thing may surprise you that 90 percent of the people of America live at their home. That is, They does not go out to work, because he likes to run any physical or online business.

#Fact No.4

If you are from India then you can take rights in America. But let us tell you that till 1924, no Indian had the right to take citizenship of America.

#Fact No.5

Ding Dong is a song by Tiger Shroff, You must have heard this. But do you know that there is a city in America whose name is Ding Dong.

#Fact No.6

The people of America are mostly obese, the main reason for which people there eat mostly ice cream, cold drink, hot dog, and junk food. And about 6 percent take more protein then normal.

#Fact No.7

If you want to hear the word online then it is most used in America. There all the work is done online, even 1 out of every 8 people are such people who have chosen their partner for marriage by befriending them online.

#Fact No.8

It is said that most of the savings are done by those who are businessmen or who are salesmen. Saving has a big role in professional life. According to a data, a man of America spends 3500 hours of his life only in shaving.

#Fact No.9

The people of America take mostly protein and eat a lot of ice cream, due to which obesity remains very much inside them. According to a research, 33% of Americans are obese.

#Fact No.10

America’s hot dog is very famous, it is so famous that people there eat about one crore five million hot dogs in a year.

#Fact No.11

Talking about junk food, America’s name also comes ahead. From ice cream to cold drinks, he eats all kinds of junk food. According to a Research, An American consumes about 600 cold drinks in a year.

#Fact No.12

America’s pride is the Statue of Liberty. Did you know that the “Statue of Liberty” was given to America by France as a gift? France gave America the “Statue of Liberty” during 1878.


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