Easy Plastic Pollution 2021: Reducing Single Use Plastic Pollution Nibandh

Easy Plastic Pollution 2021: Reducing Single Use Plastic Pollution Nibandh

Today, there is a lot of discussion in our country regarding the ban on plastic, because the Government of India has issued a decree on this that on the coming 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, they will be able to use single-use plastic. Going to start off completely. And
It is hoped that by the year 2022, the country will be free from such plastic. Modi ji had announced this in this year’s Independence Day speech. With this news, questions are now arising in the minds of people that what are these single use plastics and why are they being banned. So let us give you all the information related to single use plastic through this article.

Easy Plastic Pollution 2021
Easy Plastic Pollution 2021

An Essay Competition is being organized by the Ministry of Environment, Government of India, among school students across the country to make Indian citizens and students aware of the harmful consequences of single use plastic and its alternatives.

1. Creating a Circular Economy for Plastic Waste-Role of Citizens
Contribution of citizens in creating a circular economy for plastic waste management

2 Reducing Single Use Plastic Pollution: Role of Youth
Role of youth in eliminating single use plastic pollution

3 Mainstreaming Alternatives to Single Use Plastic Products Through Innovation and Creativity

Note:- In Hindi or English, font size 12 for English and font size 14 for Hindi essay
By typing in maximum 500-800 words, write the name of the student, class, ID, school name and send it to your class teacher by making a PDF file.

First Prize-25000/- and Certificate
Second Prize 15000/- and Certificate
Third Prize – 10000/- and Certificate
Two consolation prize-5000/- and certificate

1. Essay on Plastic Ban –


Plastic products are preferred because they are very easy to use. Once used, it is thrown away. That’s why they are also very cheap. But let us tell you that as easy and cheap as it is to use plastic, it harms our environment more than that. And if there is no environment then our life will also end, so a campaign is being run to ban plastic on the world star. In our country too, a ban has been imposed on such plastics which are of single use i.e. once used, it cannot be used again.

2. What is Single Use Plastic-

Single use plastic can also be called disposable plastic. This means that when we use products made of any kind of plastic that we cannot use again after using it once, all those products are single use plastic products. The main basis of such products is petroleum. It takes very less money, so today it has become the most used or used product. Although it does not cost much to buy and use it, but you Let it be said that when you throw it after using it once, a lot of money is spent for its garbage, cleaning and destroying it. And the damage it causes to the world is different.

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3.Plastic Ban Products/Items List-

The most common single use plastics are carry bags, plastic water bottles, plastic bottle caps, cups, plates, disposable products, empty food packets, plastic kitchen bags, plastic water pouches,
Plastic wrappers, straws and other types of plastic bags etc. Along with this, some main polymers have to be used in the production of such plastics. Some of the main polymers involved are HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, PS and EPS etc.

4.Why are plastics bad?

Today it has become the most used item in the world due to its cheap to buy. Because today people adopt more policy of ‘use and throw’. But you will not be aware that
The environment has recycled just 9 percent of the world’s 9 billion tons of plastic. And most of the rest of the plastic waste gets mixed in the oceans through waterways. plastic nature
They are not a degradable product, instead they gradually break down into small pieces of plastic called microplastics. Yet it does not perish. A kind of chemical element is found in it, which is
Together with the soil, it reaches the reservoir through the waterway, and this harms the animals living there. It neither dissolves in soil nor in water. Because of this, many plastic damages are harmful and bad.

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