Earth Day 2021: Theme, History, Every Information Here

Earth Day 2021: Theme, History, Every Information Here

Earth Day 2021: Today is 22 April 2021 everyone in the world is celebrating Earth Day. Everyone is celebrating 21 April day from 1970. In 2021 the theme for Earth Day is to restore our earth and it. on 22 April each year, we observe our earth and put a theme on the basis of the environment..

Earth Day 2021 and its theme
Earth Day 2021 and its theme | Source: Freepressjournal

To Restore Our Earth and It.

As many of the industries are spoiling Earth and we need to keep our earth safe and Secure for current and for future. As many of the people are destroying Earth deforestation. Deforestation is one of the causes of spoiling Earth. not only deforestation but making are dirty is one of the reasons to destroy Earth.

Why Need to Be careful about Earth Day?

Earth is one of the five elements which gives us life. We should observe our Earth on 22 April there are a lot of reasons which are given below.

We can know about Global Warming on Earth Day.

Renowned popular actor Albert has decided his birthday on 22 April.

22 April in 1970 was a historic movement about the earth.

The celebration of Earth day is origin in America but in 1990 it was recognized in all the countries.

The theme for this year is the earth to restore our earth and it.

Many of the cities and countries celebrate Earth day for a week it started from 16 April to 22 April.

Earth Day 2021 is celebrating as a 51st.

Earth Day 2021: Awareness

Today our earth is in very bad condition, pollution is pollution all around. Pollution can happen in many ways, air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, etc. It is now the pledge of all of us to eliminate all pollution.

We all have to eradicate the dirt on the earth in some way or the other. Earth Day started in 1970. It first started in the US. Which spread very fast all over the world.

We have to spread this awareness to the masses. All the dirt on the earth has to be eradicated. Now we just have to take care of the cleanliness of the earth. We have to adopt many ways to reduce the mess. And the earth should be safe for future generations.

Quotes for Earth Day

“Save the Earth so that our future is protected.
happy Earth Day”

“Do not kill nature, let’s save the environment.
Happy Earth Day!”

“The coming generation is lovely, so it is our responsibility to save the earth
Happy Earth Day 2021”

“Save the earth, save life, make life happy
happy Earth Day”

“Protect your planet and save the Earth.
Happy Earth Day!”

“Let’s make all the earth beautiful
Make it pollution-free, plant trees.
Congratulations on Earth Day.”

“When there is green earth, only then there will be healthy and healthy people.
Happy Earth Day 2021!”

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